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Roof Repair in Nottawasaga

Saving for a rainy day is something our parents always encouraged us to do; you never wanted to be caught out of pocket for something you needed. Not so much for something that is nice to have, but for something that you absolutely can't do without. So we build our savings for eventualities and for the most part it serves us well in our time of need. As a homeowner, you know that your house will cost you money in the long run and if you keep up with the small stuff the big stuff becomes a nightmare for somebody else to deal with. Once in a while, the home repair you need might break the bank that you have built, but it is money that you didn’t have to borrow or mortgage another expense to satisfy the problem you are faced with. Many times, the expenses for repairs that we are talking about will come within a defined period – your oil will need to be changed every so often, a replacement appliance will be in the future and a roof repair in Nottawasaga, well you can’t predict when you will need one, but you will need money to be prepared for the roof repair in Nottawasaga.

Money is only half the battle when it comes time for a roof repair in Nottawasaga, you need help for the work. That should alert you that you need a professional, contractor for any roof repair in Nottawasaga that you need and you should never try the DIY approach. When you hire a contractor for a roof repair in Nottawasaga, you should be able to count on him to bring qualified help for the roof repair in Nottawasaga. If you hire us at AM Roofing Solutions, your roof repair in Nottawasaga will be provided by some of the most skilled roofers in southwestern Ontario. Our company has been in business for more than 60-years and our strength is our people – and when you need a roof repair in Nottawasaga our family will assure the result. The family has met all the obstacles that can be encountered for a roof repair in Nottawasaga for the past three generations and their commitment to excellence is unrivaled in our business. Once the crew has made short work of your roof repair, they will drop a warranty for workmanship that spans 10-years.

Roof repair in Nottawasaga now is always good

  • The first thing a contractor will tell you to help you keep an eye on roofing problems is to look at your shingles periodically to see if they are up to the job of covering your roof and moving water. If the shingles have been damaged or are wearing out coming to the end of their life expectancy, you will see evidence of it. The shingles will have cracks, curled corners, or be missing – then it the time to get a contractor before more water gets in your roofing system. Once you have damaged shingles, you can count on water in the attic or the under the shingles, if you have left the problem to fester and once that is the case, you will be making a sizable investment in your roofing system.
  • Another sizable investment that you may be forced to make is when the valleys are failing to move water from the roof to the rain gutters. If water is laying flat on the roof it is the valleys that have been compromised by the joists and rafters. They would have been damaged by invasive water over a long period of time – probably because shingle problems weren’t addressed –and results will show themselves in a bow or sag across the top of the roof. Once that takes hold, you should call a contractor and an engineer because at that point you don’t know if you need a complete roof retrofit or you can get away with a repair. But, in some cases, the roof will need a wholesale repair and there goes your repair bank and then some.
  • Once the water makes contact with the rain gutters is ushered to the downspouts and then out of the drainage system at the ground. When the valleys are working, as you need them too, a torrent of water can end up at the gutters and they need to be working at their best to accommodate the surge of water from the roofing system. Keeping water moving is the only job for the gutters – for the homeowner, it is his job to keep them clear to accommodate the rushing water. A lack of space in the gutter channels restricts the ability of channels to move it, this is because you have something gumming up the works in the channels and bottleneck clog can force the water over the sides of the channels to the ground directly. Water running awry sets a precedent you don’t want to repeat because it makes its way into your basement if not corrected, and did we mention the cost of cleanup for the basement? Another problem a couple of kilos of wet leaves can create is a gap between the fascia and the rain gutters. How? The weight the wet material will pull on the fasteners that hold the gutters in place along the fascia, and when the weight becomes more than the fasteners can bear it will release the gutters from the side of house leaving a gap that you could drive a truck through and that is a water escape hatch to the ground. 
  • On the top of your roof you may have an attachment or two like a skylight or a chimney – and they are a source of trouble is they aren’t well maintained. Both things have a caulking sealant to keep water out of the house and it should be checked regularly to maintain its integrity. Over time, if you have ignored the caulking it will split or shrink leaving a crevice that serves as an entry point for water. If it is the skylight leaking, no problem, you see it after a rainstorm, and you get someone to re-line it. If the chimney has a problem, you might not know till it falls off the roof because wood rot underneath the chimney can’t support the weight of the chimney. If the gutters are checked in a timely manner, have the skylight and chimney checked too.

Nottawasaga is an inlet community that is on Georgian Bay and it straddles the bottom of the Canadian Shield on one side and the Niagara Escarpment on the other. The residents of the town don’t need to throw rocks at us to get our attention at AM Roofing Solutions, they call out and we come to their aid. For a free roof inspection, a no-cost meeting and free estimate call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900  

Roof Repair in Nottawasaga

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