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Roof Repair in Newmarket

Our home is our castle and how we keep it is a statement to whom we are and what we are about. A well-maintained home can be considered a jewel in the neighbourhood, while a poorly maintained home is considered and eye sore with all the related problems that go with a lack of physical upkeep to the structure. A roofing system on any home needs attention and when residents need a roof repair in Newmarket they call AM Roofing Solutions.

We have 60 years of frontline experience in the roofing business and we use all our own work with local technicians who have years of experience and industry certification to back to their credentials. As a company, we provide a 10-year workmanship warranty for any roof repair in Newmarket that will outlive the work we do when we provide a roof repair in Newmarket.

Roofing problems

  • Shingles are the first thing you see when you look at a roofing system and they are the most vulnerable to the effects of the outdoors. Weather or other circumstances can cause shingles to crack, curl or be dislodged from the roof. When you notice any of these situations occurring on your roofing system a roof repair in Newmarket to correct the small problem will go a long way to maintaining the life of your roof. When we come your home to provide a roof repair in Newmarket, we will look into your attic to determine if your attic insulation is up to the job. If there is no insulation or the insulation isn’t at the required density to work effectively, additional insulation may be required to protect your shingles from unwanted heat release through the attic. The heat will cause the shingles to shrink and curl, leaving the roofing system susceptible to leaks.
  • In order to run water off the roof, a drainage system that can handle the water is necessary to overall functionality to the system. If the rain gutters or downspouts have flaws or are in a poor state of repair they will not be able to move the water away from the roofing system and that spells trouble and leaks are the inevitable consequence of a poor drainage system.
  • On roofing systems, valleys are created when two different sections of a home are joined at the top of the house through the roofing system. The valleys work to move water off the top of the roofing system to the drainage system. When the valleys aren’t performing this critical function water will pool and the water will find a way to go somewhere and that usually means into the roof’s structure. A roof repair in Newmarket can correct the problem and get the water moving away from the house as a quick remedy to the ailment.
  • Skylights and chimneys can be a bugaboo for any roofing system because they have seams that are sealed by a caulking compound that should be watertight. When the caulking starts to crack or shrink due to age or exposure replacing it with new strip of caulking is another easy fix for a roof repair in Newmarket that is relatively inexpensive.

When the residents of one of top 10 small cities to live in Ontario need a roof repair in Newmarket, their only choice is the experts at AM Roofing Solutions. We provide a free, no obligation estimate and consultation in preparation for a roof repair in Newmarket, so call us today to schedule a roof repair in Newmarket at 1.877.289.6900.

Roof Repair in Newmarket

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