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Roof Repair in New Tecumseth

You have been looking around the house and you are starting to notice that the kitchen is dated and the bathroom is too small and the flooring could stand replacing. You budget for the upgrades and start the various projects when you start thinking about your roof. It was in good shape when you purchased your home but like your kitchen or bathroom, it might need a roof repair in New Tecumseth to restore it optimal condition. At AM Roofing Solutions, all roof repairs in New Tecumseth come backed with our 10-year workmanship warranty as a demonstration of our commitment to quality workmanship. All of our service personnel carry industry certifications to provide any roof repair in New Tecumseth and they are local residents. With 60 years in the roofing business our sterling reputation precedes any roof repair in New Tecumseth that instills confidence for all our customers.

Roofing problems

  • Any shingle on the market has a shelf life, more expensive shingles last longer due to higher quality, but any shingle can deteriorate if the roofing system isn’t properly maintained. Cracking, curling or missing shingles is a sign that the overall roofing system is suffering and a roof repair in New Tecumseth can eliminate the problem. Adequate attic insulation is a shingle’s best friend because it protects the shingles from unwanted heat buildup that is released through the attic due to poor insulation. We can correct any insulation problems through a roof repair in New Tecumseth that will preserve the life span of the shingles that protect the exterior of you home.
  • The rain gutters and downspouts support the drainage system of roofing system; they move water away from your home in the event of rain or melting snow and ice in the winter. If either system is failing a roof repair in New Tecumseth will provide a passing grade for water drainage system.
  • Valleys in our roofing system act as water collectors that channel the water to the roof’s drainage system. When the valleys aren’t collecting the water from the rain or melting ice and running it to the drainage system a roof repair in New Tecumseth will keep the water flowing away from your home.
  • To keep the inside of your house dry, caulking your chimney and skylights to maintain a watertight seal is a small, yet effective roof repair in New Tecumseth. If cracks develop in the old caulking around your chimney or skylight your roof could be exposed to a slow drip of water that could have catastrophic effects.

When the resident of Simcoe County need a roof repair in New Tecumseth they contact us at AM Roofing Solutions. Our free estimate and consultation comes with no obligation for any roof repair in New Tecumseth, call us today at 1.877.289.6900 to book your roof repair.

Roof Repair in New Tecumseth

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