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Roof Repair in Keswick

You and your kid have taken a father and son project to get an old mini-bike running and you have been waiting for this day for a few year. As a guy who is good with hands and has some mechanical aptitude, you were hoping that your kid might have the same qualities and you could enjoy some bonding of the type you haven’t experienced before. In the garage, the teardown and rebuild of the mini-bike forged ahead in earnest and you are spending some quality time with your boy and it fills you with happiness. As the project moves along, you realize there are some things that you don’t know about the mini-bike that you and your kid are working on and manuals really are no help. So you engage a professional for help with the gearbox to get the mini-bike ready. The cost is a lot more than you thought it would be, but when you went to pick-up the mini-bike you were informed there was more trouble than met the eye and more time and effort needed to spend on the mini-bike. You dropped the credit card and in one breath you sighed over the expense, in another, you were somewhat pleased because you would have never solved the problem that added to the cost of the repair. This is why we trust experts for our home repairs because they the ability and the knowledge to spot problems we wouldn’t. The most common home repair mistake we make is thinking a DIY solution and a little elbow grease will solve all our problems.

A roof repair in Keswick is a problem that homeowners think they can handle but in reality, they can’t. Like the mini-bike repair, a roof repair in Keswick can have unknown factors attached and then you are shown out with little expertise to complete the roof repair in Keswick. You hired a professional for the mini-bike repair; it is only logical that you would hire a contractor for a roof repair in Keswick to avoid the unpleasant realities of what you don’t know about roofing. At AM Roofing Solutions, we are the experts in any roof repair in Keswick that you need and after 60-years as the go-to roofing company in southwestern Ontario, our experience speaks for itself. Combined with our experience is a staff contingent that is highly qualified and credentialed to supply your roof repair in Keswick. Rounding out our repair team for a roof repair in Keswick is our family – for three generations the clan has made a contribution to the family business and we wouldn’t be what we are today without them. Once the staff has gotten to the root of the problem and solved it – we issue a 10-year warranty for workmanship for roof repair in Keswick, just like our founder did over 60-years ago.  

Roof repair in Keswick; show your roof some love

  • Everything in life seems more complicated than it has ever been – we need expertise for everything because technology, for all its benefits has complicated many things. When you are assessing the condition of your roofing system, all you need is good vision and some information to help you know what you are looking for. Shingles can tell you right off at a glance if they are in good shape and will be able to move water and repel heavy weather. The shingles need to be in showroom shape to keep the water out, if they have cracks, are missing or have sustained other damage, it could mean water is in the roofing system and creating carnage.
  • When water hits the upper regions of the roofing system, it needs to be brought down to the rain gutters, and this process is achieved with the help of the valleys that sit at the on the roof. Water will collect in the valleys and it will be streamed to the gutters – if the valleys aren’t moving water from the top of the roof to the gutters it is a big problem. Water not moving along the valleys is secondary problem to the disaster that awaits you in the attic. Trusses and rafters support the roof’s structure and they have been damaged by water leaks – from shingles that are covering the decking – and it has been an on-going problem that you didn’t take action on. You will know by touch and sight if the trusses are out of whack. They will feel spongy and the roof will have a sag in it and water will not move. This intensifies the water damage problem because water is entering through faulty shingles and it will only increase in intensity and frequency if not prevented with a roofing system retrofit.
  • The shingles and valleys are in a good state of repair and next along the line for water drainage is the performance of the rain gutters and by extension the downspouts. The spillway that the rain gutters are should have no materials in the channels that will affect drainage if there is debris or sediment in the channels it will cause water damage. When water backs up due to filled channels the water will have no place to but over the sides of the channels – that should ring alarm bells – water down the side the house and water sitting at the shingles at the roof’s edge is what can be expected, and a repair to be done. If you don’t take care of this when you have a chance, the next thing that happens is the gutters are pulled away from the fascia under the weight of the water and debris. Even the slightest separation from the fascia is bad for drainage, as water will make its way to the ground and if it slides along the house water entry can be the result.
  • Make a point of inspecting your skylights and chimneys as often as you can and it will pay dividends. Both items are sealed to the roof with caulking after they have been inserted into the roofing system and the caulking needs to be watched carefully. Caulking might be a set it and forget it sealant, but it wears out and when it does it is an open door for water to get in. With the skylights, it is a quick alert and a mop-up and reseal, if it the chimney, you don’t know where the water has gone or what it has damaged until you have an emergency repair to make.

Keswick is just north of Toronto and sits on the bank of Cook’s Bay and it is an inlet of Lake Simcoe. When the residents need a roof repair they don’t have to splash us with water to get our attention, making contact will do. For a free consultation, free estimate and free roof inspection, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Keswick

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