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Roof Repair in Horseshoe Valley

We devote a great deal of time to our hobbies and why, because we like our hobbies, they define us and say a lot about who we are and what we are all about. Someone who reads could be someone who likes to pursue their hobbies alone unless of course, they are reading to their kids. Others might be video gamers that engage in role-playing games on the Internet with others and could be considered as part of a community that is aligned with common interests. When we have hobbies they can cost money and time to enjoy them – some even require an investment to get started and that is where trouble can come from. When you make a financial investment in a hobby – like a four-wheel sports all-terrain vehicle – you know that there will be a certain amount of money you need to set aside to keep your toy running in a good state of repair. Most enthusiasts will have their toys serviced at the beginning of the season and that generally will hold them for the balance of the season. The best thing that can come out of that maintenance inspection if the identification of a problem that could have an impact on the operation of the four-wheeler and that discovery can lead to cost savings for a repair of the quad. Keeping up with repairs and maintenance to get out front of problems before they start makes sense in so many ways and we should apply that level of vision to our homes.

When we need a roof repair in Horseshoe Valley, we should have had a plan in place for the eventuality and when the roof repair in Horseshoe Valley comes we are ready. But many times you can’t plan for a roof repair in Horseshoe Valley on a specific date because you can't anticipate the day when the roof will fail or need a roof repair in Horseshoe Valley. Let’s face it, how many people actually go outside and look at their roof to see if they need a roof repair in Horseshoe Valley without prompting, I would venture to say, nobody. Generally, you get a heads up for a roof repair in Horseshoe Valley, like when you see a shingle flying by during a windstorm, that is a pretty clear signal that you need a roof repair in Horseshoe Valley. Once you see the signs, locating a contractor for your roof repair in Horseshoe Valley should be top of the list of things to do. We, at AM Roofing Solutions, are ready to take control of any situation that requires a roof repair in Horseshoe Valley because we have the experience and ability to provide a lasting solution. Our company has over 60-years invested in our trade, we have top tradesmen for the work and our family is the mainstay of all the jobs we do. For that last three generations, their skills have propelled our success and we don’t know what we would do without them.

Roof repair in Horseshoe Valley; keep your eyes open

  • When you are eying up the roofing system, you see layered rows of shingles that help drive water off the roof and keep a protective seal over the decking. For shingles to function at their best, they need to be in good shape for the work – if they have cracks and rounded corners – they won't be able to deal with the responsibilities they were intended for – and that means water isn't moving to the drainage areas because it is leaking in through faulty shingles to the decking. That is the cause of all roofing problems, invasive water entering a roofing system after a weather event or old age of the shingles. If you see something is amiss with the shingles and you cant put your finger on the problem, call a contractor for information and the repair you will need. Once on a section of shingles fail, it will take no time at all for the damage to spread and that only increases the price of the repair of your roof.
  • The valleys were designed to help move water off the roof, they catch it and then send it in streams to the rain gutters and then to the downspouts were the water is purged out of the system. If you have a problem that centres around the valleys it is a secondary problem. The primary problem is water that got into the roofing system and infected the joists or the rafters. Once they become wet, they will sag or bow and or you will have mold growing in your attic. Three problems are created because you didn’t solve the first one when you had the chance and a full-blown roof replacement may need to be done to take out all the damage.
  • Rain gutters like your pipes in your house need to be free of clogs that will impair the flow of water. How many times have we had a blocked drain and watched the water slowly filter through the debris before it makes it way to the drainage system. The channels of the rain gutters are susceptible to the same type of problems – once materials get caught in the channel water will come to a standstill and flow over the top of the gutters if it can't pass the clog. Releasing water to areas that it wasn’t supposed to go is a problem – if you have no plan for water at the foundation of your house – it will seep in and cause more difficulties in cleaning up the problem. Also, the weight of the water and the clog can force the gutters from the fascia, leaving a gap for water to run through.
  • The last place common roofing problems can occur is at the chimney and the skylight – if you have one. The failure of the caulking that seals each item to your roofing system is a regular occurrence and the caulking needs to be changed to keep everything dry at the point of insertion of each item. The chimney needs special attention, not only is the caulking a problem, but the brickwork and mortar need to be checked too – water will enter if there are gaps in the brickwork and water damage is waiting for you in the way of a costly repair.

Horseshoe Valley is a short drive from the GTA and it has many ski hills for winter fun and many hiking trails for summer fun. The residents don’t need to slalom downhill to us to get help with roofing problems, all they need to do is reach out. For a free estimate, no-cost meeting and free roofing system inspection, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.   

Roof Repair in Horseshoe Valley

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