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Roof Repair in Holland Landing

In business, an old expression was “control the cash box and control your future,” certainly good advice and in the main, it tells us that frivolity will sink any business. If you look at your homeownership, it can be viewed as business management, you are delivering service to your family through the use of outside vendors who are selling you the necessary supplies to keep your home where you want it to be. You buy fuel for heat, electricity for light and water to sustain the services that we all use water for. Now running the systems that use the items mentioned can be a repair nightmare because if it one system breaking down it is another. But, it isn’t like you can ignore the repairs because you and your family are dependent on them for a good quality of life. We don’t fix our gas or water lines, nor would we ever commit to working with our electrical connection, so why would anybody engage in a DIY solution for a roof repair in Holland Landing?

For the most part, a roof repair in Holland Landing doesn’t look that complicated, and most people think they are intuitive enough pick up on the nuances that make up a roof repair in Holland Landing, but they aren’t. Roofing is a trade, as a plumber or an electrician and they take courses and commit many hours of practice learning their respective trades and roofers are no different. That is one of the arguments to make to hire a professional contractor when need a roof repair in Holland Landing, and generally, it comes in cheaper than a DIY job. At AM Roofing Solutions we have over 60-years experience delivering quality roof repairs and we credit our trades team and our family for all our success. We hire the best-qualified tradesmen for a roof repair in Holland Landing, and when we take up the challenge of a roof repair in Holland Landing our family will be there. For three generations they have worked side-by-side with our trades team and they create solutions to problems that most didn’t know where problems. After they have prosecuted your roofing problems, a 10-year workmanship warranty will be issued to cover out work that provided your roof repair in Holland Landing. 

Roof repair in Holland Landing; be proactive

  • Small problems require small solutions, in the case of a roof repair in Holland Landing; a quick look at your roof can help make the decision if you know what to look for. The shingles are the first place to start when you look at your roof because they will be the first sign of trouble when damage is revealed. Shingles that have cracks or curled edges cry out for a roof repair in Holland Landing and it is the type of small repair that prevents big future repairs. The shingles keep water from getting in the roofing system and in turn the attic – if you need to replace a few shingles it is a relatively economical repair that will pay for itself in the future by eliminating the need for a larger repair to clean up after water damage has set in the roofing system.
  • If you have valley problems you can expect undetected shingle problems to have a hand in the damaged system. Valleys need to be sloped to move water from the roof to the downspouts that are connected to the receiver of the water the rain gutters. The slope of the roof can be impacted by water damage to the joists and trusses that make up the supports that hold up your roof. Joists and trusses don’t fare too well when they are exposed to water that is leaking in from the shingles and they will warp or twist if they are overexposed to water. When this problem is prevalent, water isn’t moving from the valleys – the slope isn’t angled enough to get the water to the gutters and it will pool and leak in the roofing system. Now, you have three problems to solve, faulty shingles, a slope that needs to re-established to get the water moving and that means new joists or trusses to secure the roofing system Shingles come at a nominal cost and when they are replaced in a timely manner they stop problems like this from getting a foothold in your roofing system.
  • If you have taken care of the shingles to protect the valleys and structural integrity of your roofing system, you need to look at the rain gutters as the next stage of roofing maintenance. The rain gutters get the water from the roof to the ground via the downspouts that act as the dispersal agent for unwanted water. For the downspouts to be able to do the work they were designed for they need the rain gutters to free of any blockage so they can get the water to the downspouts. If you have material buildup in the channels of the rain gutters will slow the flow of water to the ground. Eventually, the buildup could lead to fascia damage because the water and debris have pulled the rain gutters away from the house leaving a large gap for water to escape through. If you can get to the problem quickly, you may have some water leaking over the sides of the channels to the ground, but a cleaning of the gutters will prevent serious damage at ground level.
  • The last place water leaks can start is the first place you should look and those places are the skylights, chimney, and vents on the roof. The problem with all three items is they need to be cut into the roofing system and sealed with caulking to keep water out of your house. Caulking will work well and do its job as a waterproof seal, but you need to keep an eye on it over time to make sure it is standing up to the elements. If cracks or gaps develop in the caulking it loses its waterproof seal and you will have water in the house. If it is the skylight, you can usually get somebody same day for a re-line of caulking, but if your chimney or vents are leaking, you may never know it until something happens to draw your attention to it.

Holland Landing was a town that was created for its strategic importance back in the mid-1800’s. It was an inland port for Georgian Bay and it was on the Holland River and the river was considered navigable waters back in the day. In the mid-1800’s, residents of Upper Canada were always worried about attacks from their neighbours, the feisty Americans. Now Holland Landing is a service-based community and acts as a regional hub in the area of York. For a roof repair, the ‘defenders’ of Holland Landing contract us at AM Roofing Solutions to be a shield against water damage. For a no-cost meeting, a free inspection and free estimate call us at AM today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Holland Landing

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