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Roof Repair in Cookstown

As a kid, you remember you dad telling your stories about the crystal radio he made with his dad. They went to the hobby shop one day and picked up a crystal radio kit and set out one Saturday afternoon to assemble it and test it for reception. The look on your dad’s face was one of wonderment when he cranked up the radio and it received a signal – from then on, your dad was hooked on baseball broadcast on the radio and his love of baseball came from that Saturday afternoon. It took some good advice from the salesperson to help you choose the right set for your dad’s needs and that impressed you to no end. As you grew up, you became somewhat handy with your hands and were able to fix a transistor radio that you picked up at a yard sale for the garage and your love of baseball was developed through exposure to the game. The old radio served you well, but in time you need to replace it because it kept sparking when you plugged it in and you didn’t want to risk a fire.

Around the house, we have repairs to make all the time to keep things like fires from occurring, and when need a roof repair in Cookstown, it isn’t a fire you are preventing but water damage. That is why you get a roof repair in Cookstown, to keep your home warm and dry by protecting it. One thing you don’t do is engage in a DIY roof repair in Cookstown because we seldom know what we are doing when we get on the roof. Sure, everything looks pretty straightforward when we think about a roof repair in Cookstown, but that is the difference between perception and reality. For a quality roof repair in Cookstown, you need a contractor that has a background in roofing to provide your roof repair in Cookstown. Contractor selection should be based on experience and ability to get the job done and at AM Roofing Solutions with have both in spades. Our company has been in the trade for over 60-years and we choose only the best tradesmen to supply you roof repair in Cookstown because we believe that quality work is the only way to solve a roofing problem. On the crew for a roof repair in Cookstown is our family – for three generations their work has driven the success we enjoy as one of the top roofing companies in southwestern Ontario. At our founder’s insistence, we have continued to supply our 10-year workmanship warranty as his signature promise for great work for a fair price.

Roof repair in Cookstown; when you need one and why

  • If you don’t know what constitutes a roof repair in Cookstown and why you need one, you need to educate yourself about the condition of your roofing system and the signs that tell you it is failing. The shingles can provide a great of information for a homeowner because they are static on the roof. Fixed to the decking, shingles are the protection for a roof and they need to be in great condition to keep water out. If you see that the shingles are damaged – curled, cracked or gone altogether – you need a contractor to come to your home for an assessment. If you have an opening in the roofing system, they are places that water will get in and do untold damage to the roofing system.
  • Another area of concern on a roofing system is at the valleys – they are the initial point where water will engage the roofing system and when it does the valleys will get the water to the rain gutters. The gutters are sloped and use gravity to get the water to the roof’s edge, but when the slope levels off – water will pool and get in through shingles that are in less than great shape. If not treated when discovered, water gets in as we mentioned through the shingles or any other point that will allow water to come through and the roofing system supports will pay a price. The trusses and rafters are what create the slope for the valleys to work at 100 per cent and when they are damaged by water they will twist or bow throwing the slope out of whack. Major repairs will be the end game when you have valley problems because you have to peel the entire roofing system from the trusses and rafters to get at the rot. 
  • Rain gutters pose problems when they don’t move water and the damage will be off the roof most times, but it is a roofing system problem nevertheless. The channels of the rain gutters are a magnet for flying debris and leaves that will surely clog the channels if left to sit. If enough debris clogs the channels the water will be released over the sides of the channels rather than being sent to the downspouts for release away from the house. The weight of wet leaves and water will be more than the supports for the gutters to handle and the weight will push the gutters away from the house. Another opening for water to run through and on to the ground and did we mention you had a puddle in the basement because water was leaking through a damaged rain gutter?
  • Every chimney and skylight on a roofing system will leak from time to time if the caulking is allowed to shrink or crack. The caulking shrinks and cracks, because old age is catching up with the caulking and leaks, are prevalent. Too, damage from trees or other weather events can take a toll on the caulking – if you have a leak take care of it now before it is a stream. A skylight is instant karma, have leak see water, for a chimney, the bad news may not come for years and when it does it will be grim.

Cookstown is another town that sits on Lake Simcoe; it is in the northwest corner and is probably 10kms from Barrie as the crow flies. For a roof repair, the residents of Cookstown don’t need to send carrier pigeons to our office to get out attention, no, all they have to do is reach out for help. For a no-cost meeting, a free estimate and a free roof inspection call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900. 

Roof Repair in Cookstown  

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