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Roof Repair in Collingwood

As the seasons change, we adapt our outdoor equipment to meet the challenges of the new season. Whether we are tuning up our riding lawn mower for a summer’s worth of grass cutting or tuning up our snow blower to meet winter’s Arctic blasts, regular care and maintenance need to part of a schedule to prevent costly repairs from encroaching on our ability to use our equipment. One good part of seasonal tune-ups for our equipment is the fact that any repairs that might affect our ability to use our equipment will be discovered when we take our equipment in. We all know that it never fails that our equipment will fail at the critical moment when we need the equipment most and then we are stuck with a repair. Never mind that when the repair comes it will be when everybody and his brother needs help too, and we are stuck with grass that is 12 feet high before we can cut it or a snowbound driveway in the dead of winter.

A roof repair in Collingwood often comes without a moment’s warning and it is generally an expensive proposition to have a roof repair in Collingwood because either we weren’t cognizant of the signs or we were taken by surprise. Either way, the roof repair in Collingwood needs to be made one way or the other and we will have to suck the expense and live and learn. When you can’t escape a roof repair in Collingwood you need to hire a professional otherwise you will throw good money after bad because how many people know how to provide a first-rate roof repair in Collingwood?  At AM Roofing Solutions we have over six decades of work put in and our business has been a thriving concern. When we take on the responsibility for a roof repair in Collingwood we have the best tradespeople available for the roof repair in Collingwood. They are all certified in our business, with many years of expertise and ability to provide the best roof repair in Collingwood that a homeowner can receive. As a family business, we have been at the forefront of roof repairs in southwestern Ontario and for three generations our family has accepted the challenge and adjudicated themselves well. Once we finish the roof repair in Collingwood, our site foreman will have a 10-year workmanship warranty ready for the homeowner just in case something goes wrong.

Roof repair in Collingwood; don’t let it slide

  • There are some well-placed signs that a roof repair in Collingwood is a necessary evil and if you are paying attention to your roofing system, you can catch the problems early will they are still molehills. When looking at the roofing system, focus on the shingles for a moment and what do you see, shingles in great condition and ready to stand up to the elements or shingles that look shopworn and tired? If the answer is shopworn and tired, get a contractor ASAP. Once the shingles start to fail it means that they all will all go eventually – if cracks or curls are evident among some of the shingles they will let the water come through the opening and it will invade your attic – costs for repairs will escalate when you have water in the inside of the house.
  • Another section of the roofing system that bears watching is the valleys that transport water to the rain gutters then on to the downspouts. Valleys catch or collect water as it falls during a storm and it is moved from the valleys to the shingles for distribution at the roof’s edge. If the valleys are working consistently, they will be no pooling of water on the roof. But, valleys can flatten out due to previous water damage to the joists, rafters or trusses. The problem can be detected in the attic –spongy supports or water stains – or it can be detected from the outside when you see the roof is heaving or sagging. That should tell a homeowner that his supports have been compromised and trouble is waiting for him and the house depends on immediate action from the homeowner.
  • Next place you want to keep an eye on is at the rain gutters – their role in water drainage can’t be downplayed and it is important that they are functional. To be functional, they need to be clean – meaning the channels that send rushing water to the downspouts should have no debris or buildup in them. Once water is stopped from draining through conventional means it will run over the sides of the channels of the rain gutters. Once it hits the ground, water will follow a path of least resistance and who knows where the water will end up, but it won’t be where it is supposed. If there is build-up is in the rain gutters, damage to the channels will be caused by sticks or pinecones or walnuts. Once holes or cracks are established they will start to leak water in trickles at first then in streams and puddles are the result. Or worse the water can find it’s way to your foundation and on into the basement. Another problem for the channels of the rain gutters is the weight that they bear supporting the buildup. It can force the channels to be pushed away from the fascia and that means more water going where it isn’t supposed to go.
  • Taking a full accounting of the attachments on your roofing is sound home management because the attachments like skylights and chimneys can be an entryway for water. The reason they are a risk of leakage is the way they are sealed into the roofing structure – a half-inch bead of caulking is the only line of defense for water leakage. It is all well and good if you find a leak below the skylight because you can get at the repair right away, but the chimney presents another problem. Water can come in through open areas at the chimney and it could be years before you get any indication that there is a problem. That means an infected roofing system and it could be a complete rip out and re-line of your roofing system with all the associated costs that accompany it.

Collingwood is another community that host’s summer and winter fun with a capital F. Wasaga Beach sits a stone’s throw away from the community and Blue Mountain is a skiers’ retreat in the winter.  

Roof repairs can cause heartburn if you have no place to turn, but in Collingwood, they know AM Roofing Solutions is ready to protect their homes when they contact us. For a no-obligation consultation, free estimate and free roofing inspection call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Collingwood

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