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Roof Repair in Blue Mountain

How many times have we regretted doing something that knew we shouldn’t have done, plenty of times as most people can attest to. We tried to fix an electrical socket and we got the shock of our life, we tried to fix our lawnmower and the self-propel function won’t engage, the last time we tried to fix the brakes on the car we had to replace the garage door because we didn’t attach the brake lines and had no oil pressure to stop. Life is funny that way, it will tell us what we don’t know whether we want to know or not, but humans can be faulted for that, we are a race of experimenters and we will always to try to help ourselves before we reach out. Like the lawnmower, the electrical socket and the brakes, we had to hire a professional to finish what we started and with twice the price than if we would have chosen a professional at the first sign of trouble. Bigger home repairs should be treated as a bridge too far for a homeowner, unless you are Mike Holmes, put down the tools and get a professional.

A roof repair in Blue Mountain isn't for the unskilled or unqualified, you don’t want to hurt your biggest investment in your life by trying to perform a roof repair in Blue Mountain with no experience or ability, you are asking for trouble if you do. To serve your interests well, contact us at AM Roofing Solutions when you need a roof repair in Blue Mountain, it will save you money in the long run and provide the roof repair in Blue Mountain you need when you need it. One the benefits of using us at AM Roofing Solutions for your roof repair in Blue Mountain is the degree of experience we bring to your roof repair in Blue Mountain. Our company has been prosecuting roofing problems for over 60-years, and our repair crew is what is the backbone of our successful operation. Credentialed and experienced, they have years of experience to complete a roof repair in Blue Mountain that will be a tribute to the profession. Working shoulder to shoulder with our trades’ crew is our family – for three generations they have been part of all our endeavours and their work is revered in our business. The final detail to speak for your roof repair in Blue Mountain is the 10-year workmanship warranty we issue for every job we complete. Our founder, who thought that quality work should be guaranteed, put his words in writing instituted the workmanship warranty when he first started out.

Roof repair in Blue Mountain; don’t miss the signs

  • It takes some time a bit of trouble, but you can identify roofing problems if you are willing or spend the time and effort to get a look at your roof with a critical eye. Look to the shingles first as they will be the first area of problems you will see when trouble is stalking your roof. Many things can cause the shingles to fail and when they do – not if they do – you will need to provide a roof repair in Blue Mountain or face the consequences. Common clues you have problems include cracks or missing shingles, curled corners or missing edges are part of the chorus of cries for help that the shingles can sing. Inevitably, water enters in those openings if not repaired and the damage moves into the interior of the roofing system – more on that later. Once the slightest opening appears, you need to treat it immediately to prevent further damage and call to a contractor should be on the top of the things to do list.
  • If the valleys are falling to move water it is because water has found an entry point – through the shingles – and it had impaired the ability of the trusses and the rafters to keep the roof somewhat square. The valleys depend on the roof’s supports to keep the valley channels open for water to be collected and sent to the rain gutters. If you have water sitting on the roof – it is only half the problem, the other half beside water entry into the roofing system is that your roofing supports need to be repaired or replaced. If you see the roof sag in the middle or have a twist, it is because water has done a number on the supports and that is the last thing you want.
  • Once water arrives at the roof’s edge from the valleys, the rain gutters will take the water to the ground through the downspout network. Functional gutters have no impediments or debris in them and if that is the case water flows freely to the ground. Buildup can affect the drainage and force water out of the channels. A buildup of debris will act, as dam and water will be forced over the sides of the channels when it has risen over the height of the channels and that is a headache, to say the least for a homeowner. If the weight of the debris and water breaks the fasteners that hold the gutters to sides of the house then water makes it way down the side of the house and quite possibly into the basement.
  • Design accents can hold a specific risk for a roofing system by the very nature they are inserted into the system. A skylight or a chimney is cut into the roof, once it there it must be sealed to keep water from getting in and affecting other parts of the roof. The only line of defense against water leakage is a line of caulking – not very thick or very deep but just enough to seal the gap. Caulking has a propensity to shrink or crack when it ages and it can be a place for water to find a way into your roofing system.   

For skiers in southern and southwestern Ontario, Blue Mountain is a place where you can hit the slopes and ski on one of the highest elevations in the province. For a roof repair, the residents of town don’t go to the top of Blue Mountain and yodel for help, they reach out to us at AM Roofing Solutions. For a no-cost meeting, a free estimate and free roof inspection, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Blue Mountain

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