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Roof Repair in Beeton

You brought home a surprise for your family and it came in the form of planes tickets to an exotic locale that the family has dreamed of visiting. A joyous family dinner ensues and a rollicking conversation about the family will do first when you arrive at your vacation destination and happiness is the order of the day. Your wife is a little concerned about the family finances as she wonders how you were able to afford a vacation that was only a pipe dream a few months ago and you had a few expenses come up along the way that made the math tough to understand. What you told your wife is the roof repair in Beeton that you needed to be turned out to be a small roof repair in Beeton because you had been on top of the roofing problems and took action when the problems were slight. Another aspect of the roof repair in Beeton that paid off for the family finances is the fact that you hired a professional for a roof repair in Beeton. They saw the problem and fixed it quickly efficiently and economically, preventing the massive bill you were expecting. The roofing company you hired for your roof repair in Beeton was none other than AM Roofing Solutions, a company with over six decades of experience in the roofing business. On a tip from a friend, you were directed to AM Roofing Solutions and found that they were a professional roofing contractor that used only the most experienced tradesmen available and there work was better than expected.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we get a lot of work through word of mouth advertising because we have been in the business so long our repeat customers turn out to be the sons and daughters of our previous customers. Working with our repair crews for a roof repair in Beeton is our family and like our repeat customers, the sons and daughters of our family founder and his relatives have been serving the interests of customers for over three generations. When we get to end of our work for your roof repair in Beeton, we make sure to leave our warranty for the work we provided. Our founder instituted a 10-year workmanship warranty when he was first starting out because he saw a lot of substandard work in the marketplace and wanted to differentiate his company from the pretenders in the roofing industry.  

Roof repair in Beeton; time will tell

  • If you don’t acquiesce to the signs of a roof repair in Beeton you are doomed to make a larger roof repair in Beeton. Problems that start at the shingles will bring disasters to other areas of the roofing system if you don’t act quickly. Shingles will break or degrade, and when they do it means that you could have water in the roofing system. The condition that the shingles exhibit is the key to determining when it is time to replace them. Cracks, curled edges or missing shingles will let the water run into the roofing system through the open areas and that is when the trouble starts. If and or when you notice that there are failing shingles on your roof, get a contractor to come in right away for upgrade or retrofit for the problem shingles.
  • When water gets on the roof it can wreck a number of different things it encounters and no more so than the trusses and rafters. Once they are infected with wood rot from water leaks, they will affect the valleys that need a sloped roofing system to get water to the rain gutters. The slope that is provided by the roof design and joists or trusses must be maintained if not the slope will disappear and then water sits on the roof and it will pool. Once that happens, water will take the path of least resistance and enter the roof through a crack in the shingles that weren’t repaired when they were discovered. If you cant get the water to the rain gutters for dispersal through the downspout system you might as well take a bucket and mop to the roof because you will have a huge puddle to deal with no place to send it because the valleys are damaged.
  • Valleys and shingles are working, now the work of the rain gutters and downspouts will begin in earnest. Water hits the gutters and it gets sent to the ground for release – it is imperative that the gutters are kept clean to be able to move water at their maximum ability. Clogs take away the ability to move water and if the clogs become too large they will force water over the channels and down the side of a house. If ignored, the clogs and weight of the water in the channels will create a slit between the fascia and the rain gutters and water will move through that gap to the ground.
  • On your roof, you may have an attachment or two that acts as a design accent for your home. A skylight is a great feature for any home, but they come with a risk of water leakage into your home. The skylight is inserted into the roof proper and is waterproofed with a caulking sealant to keep water out of the house. It is a great compound for waterproofing, but you need to keep up with re-lining the caulking on a regular basis because caulking won’t last forever. Chimneys and vents need the same level of attention as they are sealed in the same way as the skylight is, but with a twist. The vents and chimneys won’t reveal water leaks until it is too late and that is because you didn’t do your due diligence when you had the chance too.

The town of Beeton sprang to life as a railway junction in Simcoe County and acted as a transfer point for many shipments from the north to the south. A roof repair doesn’t need a ticket to ride; a contact with AM Roofing Solutions will suffice to get the project started. For a free estimate, free roof inspection and no-cost meeting call our office today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Beeton

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