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Roof Repair in Aurora

Owning personal play toys like a snowmobile or a boat or both for that matter is where the rubber meets the road for maintenance and repairs for our toys. We would never think of putting our boat on the water unless it is in a good running condition. Nothing like getting stuck in the middle of the lake to remind you that you should have or could have provided a dose of maintenance to your craft and kept in great running condition. It isn’t like you can swim back for help to get a tow to shore. Same thing goes for your snowmobile, if you are riding in a pack and your machine breaks down, the group may not know until they have traveled a few miles before you are missed. You don’t want to be walking in the freezing cold to get help for your stranded snowmobile – so it makes perfect sense to get a tune-up before you hit the trails. Too, it is true that regular maintenance of our toys will indicate when trouble is coming and we can head off expense repairs will same ones that will extend the use of equipment because we keep it well maintained.

A roof repair in Aurora can be a significant cost but if you are on top of your roofing system in the same manner as you are with your toys a roof repair in Aurora can be a reasonable expense that can be shouldered easily. The key to a simple roof repair in Aurora lies in the help you use to provide the roof repair in Aurora. If you chose to go up on the roof yourself to make a roof repair in Aurora, you may be doing more harm than good. You wouldn’t try to repair a problem with your snowmobile or boat, so whey would you try to make a roof repair in Aurora by yourself? Look to our company, AM Roofing Solutions, when you need a roof repair in Aurora because we are skilled as the people who keep your boat and snowmobile running. Part of our allure in the roofing business is our tenure in the business; we have been working on roofing problems for over 60-years, and our trades’ staff are credentialed and experienced for any roof repair in Aurora. As a family enterprise, we receive a huge contribution from our family – for three generations they have made the sacrifices necessary to provide effective solutions to roofing problems for homeowners across southwestern Ontario. When our work is done and our trucks packed up and the debris cleared away, our site foreman will leave a workmanship warranty for a homeowner that is 10-years long in case a homeowner needs it.

Roof repair in Aurora; stay on the trail

  • A roof repair in Aurora can be a small as a replacing a few shingles or as costly as replacing the entire system, but if you are on top of the problems that can become huge headaches, you can protect your roof and save money in the process. Shingles are the first things that can break down because they are saddled with a few different responsibilities. First off, they need to keep the entire top of the house covered, second, the coverage they provide needs to repel water and third the shingles need to be able to move water along the drainage system. Shingles can become loose, crack or curl when they are overused – meaning using them beyond their lifespan. Damage can prematurely end the shingles effectiveness and that can spread to other shingles – then open spaces on the roofing system are created and water can make its way to wherever the openings will allow.
  • Valleys are part of the drainage system; they take water from the top of the house to the ground working with the rain gutters and downspouts. If water has compromised the roofing system, it can be apparent when the valleys aren’t working. If water has entered through gaps in the shingles and has been doing so for a long period of time the joist and trusses will be impacted. The joists and trusses will sag or bow and that will cause the valleys to flatten out and reduce their ability to get the water moving off the roof to the gutters. This problem is predicated on water and can be prevented if you keep your shingles in a good state of repair. When this type of infection has taken hold with your roof supports, wood rot and mold become the hazard that can’t be ignored – and a major restoration job will follow as sure as the sun rises in the morning.
  • The rain gutters and downspouts function in tandem and their work is equally as important as the valleys they receive water from for dispersal. The problems that can affect the gutters are two-fold, debris in the channels and what happens after an accumulation of crap in the gutters. The mess will start to dam the gutters and if you have ever seen a beaver dam, you know that the damming makes water go to other places – rather than where the design of the roof intended to send it. Water over the sides is the result of the dam and in the meantime, water is seeping into places where you don’t need it to be and that can end up in the basement. If the buildup is heavy enough, it will pull the gutters away from the fascia – imagine a large gap between your roof and gutters and you get the idea where water will go. After a couple of intense rain showers, depressions in the area will create low spots on the ground further entrenching water’s ability to make mischief at the base of your foundation.
  • The last place to stop on your proactive tour of your roofing system is at the skylight and chimney that you may have on your roof. Both need care and maintenance to be effective and is a trip to the roof for an inspection. The skylight and chimney are waterproofed with a bead of caulking to keep water from entering the cuts where the skylight and chimney are installed. If the caulking is shrinking or cracking, it is areas for water to makes its way into. It isn’t so bad with a skylight as the water will be on the floor alerting you to trouble, but the chimney can be a latent trouble spot because damage may not be found for many years.

Aurora is a bedroom community for commuters who earn their living in Toronto and it is a short commute into the ‘6ix.’ The city dwellers will reach out to us at AM Roofing Solutions when roofing problems need to be dealt and we will be there in a New York minute. For a free estimate, no-obligation consultation and free roof inspection call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Aurora

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