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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Stroud

We own things that are in constant need of attention, the car needs an oil change, the cell phone is obsolete and needs to be replaced and our HD TV needs to be upgraded to the newest 4K TV to get the best high definition we can buy for our programs. When we know we need something, seldom do we risk self-intervention when it comes time to make a decision, no, prudently we consult an expert for our needs and generally we get what we need when we need it. An eavestrough replacement in Stroud, a fascia replacement in Stroud and a soffit replacement in Stroud should come with the same level of decision-making. When calling in an expert for roofing problems, call us at AM Roofing Solutions to meet overcome the obstacles that you face when you have problems. Our abilities and commitment to best practices will provide a top-notch work and you will be secure for many years as the result of our intervention in your roofing problems.

Don’t fret, get the work done, eavestrough, fascia, and soffit


  • Moving water is what the eavestrough does – it is simple really – rain falls from the sky, it is moved to the eavestrough and then off the roof and away from the house with the help of the downspouts. Clogs in the channel will have a profound effect on the eavestrough’s ability to move water and then an eavestrough repair in Stroud should be undertaken to get the water moving from the top of the house to the ground. If there is damage, and a clog has done it – a weight strain or a punctured channel – an eavestrough replacement in Stroud should be top of the list when it comes to problems solving for a variety of reasons. The last thing you want to see in a rainstorm is water running over the rain gutters because that should tell you that you have fallen down on your home repairs and it is necessary to make a rain gutter repair in Stroud a priority on your home repair schedule. If you notice that the rain gutter has a slight angle to it – tilted toward the ground – it will be the signal that a rain gutter replacement in Stroud is in the offing because a tilted rain gutter can’t take all the water falling from the sky and move it.


  • If you see water stains on the side of your house, or witness water moving over the rain gutters, you will see it make contact with the fascia first. For the uninitiated, the fascia is a strip of wood that is installed under the eavestrough and it closes an opening between the roof’s edge and the inner roof. Water constantly pounding the fascia will need to be stopped and the fascia examined for potential water damage. More to the point a fascia repair in Stroud should be done without any questions to protect the integrity of the fascia. If the problem has been going on for a long time, the fascia will be affected by mold growth and wood rot and those elements are hazardous to a homeowner’s health. A fascia replacement in Stroud will eliminate the health hazard and create a situation when your home is protected from bacterial infection. Taking hits from the roof is one of the downside problems for the fascia; the hit comes from a lack of insulation in your attic. Sounds odd that the fascia will be hurt by limited insulation but here is how it works. Heat transfer from the house to the attic and then on to the shingles in the winter will help the snow on the roof melt rapidly. That is what you want until the temperature returns to below freezing, that is when ice dams form at the eavestrough and icicles hang off the eavestrough. The weight of ice will pull the eavestrough away from the fascia and you have an opening for snow and water to get, not to mention any squirrels in the neighbourhood.


  • In order to have a stable roof, you need to keep the attic temperature stable in relation to the outside temperatures. That would require a fresh air return system to work with the attic – and that is the job of the soffit. It is installed under the eavestrough and performs the service of air circulation through holes that were drilled into the panel. Poor air circulation in the attic is a clue that you need a soffit repair in Stroud to get the humidity out of the attic. It doesn’t take long for humidity to affect the wooden supports in the attic – dry rot and mold will have a profound effect on the ability to trusses and joists to do their jobs because they have been weakened by the water vapour. If you have an overly moist attic, a soffit replacement in Stroud may help remove the humidity and protect the supports in the process.

We work as a full-service roofing company at AM Roofing Solutions, and when you need an eavestrough replacement in Stroud, a fascia replacement in Stroud or a soffit replacement in Stroud, we will provide an excellent 10-year labour warranty to protect your home.

For a no-cost consultation, a free estimate and a free inspection call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Stroud  

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