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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Shelburne

Periodically, we take our car in for an oil change, it helps it run smoother and it costs us less for fuel when we spend a couple of bucks for a small repair. Around the house we prefer to get to things before they get out of hand – a homeowner needs a healthy dose of Mike Holmes in them to know when the time to make repairs and to recognize a repair when it is a small job that cost little. An eavestrough replacement in Shelburne, a fascia replacement in Shelburne and a soffit replacement in Shelburne are three such repairs that require some specialized knowledge to determine if there is a problem and when to act on it. As you become aware of trouble, call a professional roofing contractor to get to the bottom of the problem and climb out with a lasting solution. At AM Roofing Solutions, we can provide any counsel that you will need to decide the best way to treat the problem and our expertise will carry the day.

Eavestrough, fascia, and soffit – timely maintenance is everything


  • If you see water flowing over the gutter of your eavestrough, the first impulse might be to get the ladder out to find out why. Before you know it you’ll have your answer – clogs in the channels will cause water to back-up and spill over the channels. The correction to this problem is easy, an eavestrough repair in Shelburne to get the crap out of the channel to help water move freely to the downspout then the ground. If you see that the eavestrough has been damaged or is developing a hairline crack, an eavestrough replacement in Shelburne will be the remedy and it will keep water in the channel for distribution to the downspouts. Witnessing water freely move over the rain gutter channel is never a go thing to see when you follow the drainage to the ground it is puddles, and stains on the side of the house. All because you have some wet leaves or other materials in the rain gutter, get a rain gutter repair in Shelburne for regular seasonal maintenance and your problems will be solved before they start. It helps keep the repair bills down because damage can afflict the rain gutter channels and then a rain gutter replacement in Shelburne is the only thing that will save you money on huge repairs if you don’t take of business now.


  • Compound problems occur because we didn’t solve the little things that turned out to be big things. Water over the rain gutter is the start of a compound problem because the fascia is the first stop of the water drainage trip. The fascia is a wood strip that doesn’t handle water well for prolonged periods of time – it will take a fascia repair in Shelburne to remediate the problem and nine times out of them it will require a fascia replacement in Shelburne because mold has been building up the track. Water problems can be created in many places in a home, and the attic is a place where you might not expect a problem to start but it does nevertheless. Insulation is the key to preventing ice dams on the roof – they occur because you insulation won’t keep heat in the house and away from the roof. It is persistent problem in the winter; snow on the roof will melt when heat escapes the house and the ice dams are the end product when the air temperature cools. The dams will split the connection between the eavestrough and the fascia and it is one place you don’t want to fail, as the interruption of water traffic will be impactful for your house.


  • When walking through your neighbourhood, have you noticed homes that have a bowed main beam – you can see it from a distance – if you have you should be aware that the problem rests in the attic and the soffit has failed. The soffit keeps air circulating into the attic through the holes that are on the panel that is below the rain gutters. A lack of fresh air has permitted moist, warm air to build in the attic and the water vapour has saturated the main beam and weakened it. Once weak the beam will sag and that is your neighbour’s house. A soffit repair in Shelburne is first stage triage for an ailing roof and can be the one thing that keeps you home in good condition. Depending on the age of the soft, it might be high time for a soffit replacement in Shelburne as a way t get ahead of the curve of roof repair and keep your home solid in the process.

Our company has been processing roofing problems for well over 60-years when you have the desire or need for an eavestrough replacement in Shelburne, a soffit replacement in Shelburne or a fascia replacement in Shelburne we will create the situation for a successful installation and issue a warranty for 10-years for our work.

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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Shelburne

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