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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Schomberg

We take time out of our busy lives to maintain all our Earthly possessions and in some cases, the time needs to be delegated to a third party for adjudication. A lack of skills in certain areas renders a homeowner incapable of providing the expertise and knowledge to engage in a home repair that requires a specific skill set to accomplish. An eavestrough repair in Schomberg, a fascia replacement in Schomberg and a soffit replacement in Schomberg are three projects that demand a professional intervention to achieve quality results. Our company, AM Roofing Solutions has all the experience and quality workmanship to get the results that the aforementioned repairs need that will protect a home for many years.

Eavestrough, fascia, and soffit, making things work together


  • The roof must move water and if it doesn’t you will have damage to areas of your home that could have been prevented if you had a fully functioning drainage system. It is mission critical that water moves along the channel of the eavestrough and when the movement is impaired for some reason – like a clog – an eavestrough repair in Schomberg is one way to create drainage. The eavestrough wasn’t designed to support extra weight in the channel and when you have had issues with backup in the channel an eavestrough replacement in Schomberg is the cure for the ill that has infected your drainage system. As water flows over the rain gutters due to problems, it is a tricky situation and one that requires a rain gutter repair in Schomberg to protect the areas around and below the gutter from water damage. If the rain gutter has been damaged due to problems that occurred in the channel, a rain gutter replacement in Schomberg is one way to protect other parts of your home from water damage.


  • As water runs over the rain gutter, it will meet the fascia first in its descent to the ground. Because the fascia is made of wood, the water poses a problem that can create potential health risks for the residents of a home. Black mold and dry rot have been known to grow in areas that have water buildup of moistness left over from water saturation and that requires a fascia repair in Schomberg to cut out the infection. In some cases, it is too late and a fascia replacement in Schomberg is the way to get rid of the potential mold growth that can impact your family. Taking stock of your attic insulation will be beneficial in two ways, first, it will help save money through energy retention and the second it will protect your fascia from further water damage in the winter. Heat transfer from the attic to the shingles that is caused by poor or limited insulation will help the snow melt on the roof. Once the snow turns to water it will move across the shingles to the rain gutter – if the temperature falls below zero before the water can be drained from the roof, ice dams will form. The impact of the pressure from the ice dams against the fascia and rain gutters will push the gutter away from the fascia – creating another unneeded drainage causeway.


  • Warm air circulating in the attic is a moist vapour – so much so that a soffit was invented to counteract the vapour and prevent the vapour from harming the roof supports. The soffit is installed below the eavestrough and it is a panel that has a series of holes that help fresh air get into the attic. If the amount of air getting into the attic isn’t enough to help regulate attic humidity, a soffit repair in Schomberg will help establish a reliable stream of fresh dry air to circulate in the attic. Heat release from the house is preventable when you have a working soffit, but the volume of air is important – if you aren’t getting enough it means a soffit replacement in Schomberg must be enacted to protect your roof’s main beam and joists. Water vapour is attracted to dry wood – it inadvertently acts a sponge to absorb the water vapour. You will notice the problem if you see the main beam listing or the roof structure is starting to twist. That is the damage that the invasive water vapour causes and it will require a huge financial expenditure to correct.

When you need help to address your roofing problem, we at AM Roofing Solutions have over 60-years experience dealing with situations like these and when your home needs and eavestrough replacement in Schomberg, a fascia replacement Schomberg or a soffit replacement in Schomberg our company will provide a 10-year labour warranty for our work.

For a free estimate, a no-obligation counsellong session and free inspection, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Schomberg

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