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Eavestrough, Soffit, Fascia Installation and Repair in Barrie

When you look at a roof, you see a skin that covers the exterior and it is usually shingles that are made with man made fibres, or a fiberglass compound that will protect the surface from the elements. But, there are more components involved in what is commonly called a roofing system, and those components work together to provide protection for the home. Eavestroughs, fascia and soffits encompass a roofing system and their contributions can’t be underestimated. If an eavestrough has failed and you need an eavestrough repair in Barrie, and we at AM Roofing Solutions can provide the services required to bring your roofing system back to good health through our experience as a full-service roofing company.

When your fascia is offering less than the required protection and a fascia repair in Barrie is necessary we can repair the damaged areas and help keep the edge of the roofing system protected with the new addition to the edge of the roof that will keep water and moisture from entering the decking through cracks or holes that may have developed over time and through weather damage. If there is limited damage to the fascia, a fascia repair in Barrie can help correct the problem at hand with limited costs.

The soffit is located underneath the eave overhang and its function is to help with ventilation for the attic. It is exposed to the elements and can easily become damaged and a soffit repair in Barrie is essential to protect your interior roofing system from moisture and heat accumulation. Soffit damage regularly occurs due to problems with the rain gutters – build up of debris that causes water to run over the gutters onto the house. When this problem manifests itself it puts extra strain on other aspects of the roofing system that can create unintended consequences of maintenance for a roofing system and a soffit repair in Barrie will prevent a larger repair in the future.

How the components work


  • There are four common problems that an eavestrough will experience in its life span: Debris buildup, leaks and holes, loose or damaged gutters and poorly set pitching. Routine maintenance can help combat these problems but if left unchecked an eavestrough repair in Barrie may be necessary.
  • Eavestroughs are installed on the side of a home’s roof to help move water off the roof and to the ground through downspouts. Eavestroughs can crack or develop holes that will leak water into areas that the water wasn’t intended to go and a small eavestrough repair in Barrie might be in order to help move the water along. If the eavestrough system has been compromised by weather – like ice buildup that has forced the eavestrough away from the fascia, a new eavestrough installation in Barrie will protect the outer line of defense against water and weather damage. If your eavestrough system is over 20 years old a new eavestrough installation in Barrie can help protect your roofing system and extend the life of the system for at least a generation and the small costs is worth 20 years worth of piece of mind.


  • The most common problem for the fascia on roof is directly related to the rain gutters – meaning clogged or debris filled channels will hold water or have it run over the edges causing water damage. The fascia board is the finishing edge that runs along the edge of your roofing system that encloses the edge of the roof where the decking meets the edge.
  • When the integrity of the fascia board has been breached a new fascia installation in Barrie will help re-seal the expose areas and eliminate water entry into the roofing system. If you have a wooden fascia boards, they can deteriorate over time and will require a new fascia installation in Barrie to prevent further damage from occurring on your roofing system.


  • Problems with a soffit are also directly related to the rain gutters and poor gutters will cause soffit damage. When it rains, the shingles take the water to the gutters and in turn the gutters move the water away from the house. But, when residue is present in the gutters it will cause the water to run over and impact the soffit creating wood rot similar to the fascia and a soffit repair in Barrie maybe the only course of action if this situation occurs. The soffit also fulfills a vital function as the temperature regulator for your roofing system.
  • A soffit works like the thermostat for your home’s heating system and if it isn’t functioning a soffit installation in Barrie will help protect the shingles from excessive heat exposure and that will help your extend the life of your shingles.  

A rain gutter repair in Barrie can save money while protecting your roofing system from water damage that will inevitably hurt he overall health of your roofing system. If rain gutter repairs wont solve the problem a rain gutter replacement in Barrie might just be necessary to protect the integrity of the roofing system as a whole.

A soffit replacement in Barrie is a proactive step that a homeowner can take to help with temperature regulation. The soffit will keep the attic at the same temperature relative to outside temperatures while circulating out moist or hot air from the attic.

If the fascia on your home isn’t working with the soffit a fascia replacement in Barrie will help the two components work in conjunction to fulfill their core responsibilities in roofing system protection.

For the pat 60 years AM Roofing Solutions has been supplying effective roofing solutions and as wrap around roofing company we have provided an eavestrough replacement in Barrie, as well as soffit replacement in Barrie and fascia replacement in Barrie to help our customers protect the biggest investment they can make over the course of time and that is in their homes.

If you notice any of the symptoms of water stains or decay to the modules that work in conjunction with your roofing, an evastrough repair in Barrie is just what the doctor will order.

When the residents on the western shore of lake Simcoe need roofing maintenance in Barrie, they know who to turn to. To contact us at AM Roofing Solutions, please call 1.705.735.9519 for a free evaluation and estimate with one of expert consultants. 

Eavestrough, Soffit, Fascia Installation and Repair in Barrie

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