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Eavestrough, fascia and soffit installation in Creemore

A roof a lot more than a lid on the top of your house, it serves a few different needs for a home, things like temperature control, moving water and protection for the inhabitants to name but a few. When looking at a roof the predominate feature is the shingles, but other less visible items are part and parcel of the roofing system and they work together to do many things. Three specific components work together in the roofing system to help the roof achieve the goals previously mentioned. The eavestrough is the water mover, it takes rain and winter runoff to the downspout and away from the foundation. The fascia is edge trim around the circumference of the roof and it attached the to shingles and is a protective layer that keeps moisture and water from penetrating the decking and trusses inside the roof proper. The soffit works to help regulate temperature in the attic working with the insulation to maintain median temperatures. When you have a problem with either one of these components, we at AM Roofing Solutions are at your beck and call to effect a change in the disposition of the components. If your eavestrough has stopped moving water and you need an eavestrough replacement in Creemore, we have the expertise to provide that service quickly and efficiently. If eavestrough damage has led to fascia problems and a fascia replacement in Creemore is part of the maintenance service that you need we can provide it. If the eavestrough and fascia are damaged, you can bet that the soffit will have problems too and a soffit replacement in Creemore is prudent if you are going to remove the other components and replace them with new ones.


How the eavestrough, fascia and soffit work together




The eavestrough is the primary driver for water away from the roof – the shingles and to the ground through a network of downspout drains that accompany the eavestrough. As an open channel, the eavestrough is subject to debris accumulation in the channels and that can range from leaves to branches and twigs that are scattered from neighbouring trees by the wind. It goes without saying that the buildup will inhibit the eavestrough ability to move water and if the buildup is too great it can cause water to spill over the channel edges, across the fascia and down the walls of the house. An eavestrough repair in Creemore is just the ticket to correct the situation to get the water flowing again and keep it flowing. When there is debris in the eavestough, small punctures or cracks can develop under the weight of the debris. If that happens a small eavestrough repair in Creemore can alleviate any trouble that the cracks or small holes are causing. If the damage is more extensive than a pinhole or slight crack and new a eavestrough installation in Creemore might be more to the point of a solution that’s time has come. A big problem for any eavestrough comes from the attic and if it goes unchecked it can create a whole host of spin-off problems for other segments of the roofing system. If your attic doesn’t have the required amount of insulation density it can cause the attic to heat up and release the heat directly to the shingles. In the winter, this is an especially bad problem to have because as snow builds up on the roof and melts the water runs right o the eavestrough. That’s is a good thing, right? Not necessarily, because the temperatures will cool as time goes by and when it does the water freezes and ice dams form at the edge of the shingles where they meet the eavestrough. The ice dams push the eavestrough away from the fascia and leave a gapping space between the house and fascia where water can run freely down the side of the fascia trim and further to the house. In this case a new eavestrough installation in Creemore is the only solution to prevent further problems from occurring and it will protect the side of your home from water damage as well as your foundation. When you need to correct this problem with a new eavestrough installation in Creemore it is a good idea to have the attic insulation topped to prevent the problem from happening again next winter.




The fascia trim is what holds the eavestrough to side of the house as it affixed to the fascia. The fascia also serves as edge for the roof and house as it is the trim that seals the gap that meets the roof and the top of the house’s wall. If water is flowing over the eavestrough, the fascia will bear the brunt of the drainage and over time water will harm the fascia. If caught early enough a fascia repair in Creemore can restore the fascia to good health and proper functioning. But, fascia damage isn’t all about water per se. The results of over exposure to water can cause wood rot and mold to appear on the inside of the fascia and a fascia repair in Creemore isn’t what is called for, the spread of rot and mold can be devastating upon closer inspection. In that case a new fascia installation in Creemore might be the only way to eliminate the problem and prevent further spread of rot and mold into the inner roofing system. When the eavestrough is pushed away from the fascia due to an ice-damming problem, a new fascia installation in Creemore must be enacted because there is no sense attaching a new eavestrough to damaged fascia.




The soffit is attached underneath the fascia and eavestrough and serves as a cold air return for the attic. When the fascia is sustaining water damage, it goes without saying that the soffit will be exposed to the byproducts of water’s damage. Wood rot and mold spread like an infection from the fascia to the soffit and at times, if the damage is localized to a small area a soffit repair in Creemore can solve the problem. But you can only cut out so much of the soffit for a soffit repair in Creemore before it becomes evident that the original soffit can’t be saved and a new soffit installation in Creemore is the answer to the question. One thing to keep in mind, when you are putting a new eavestrough and fascia on the side of your home to help your roofing system, wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a new soffit installation in Creemore also? We don’t change one tire at a time, why would we replace one component without the other if the damage requires it?


As an industry leader in the roofing business in Ontario, we at AM Roofing Solutions have been able to provide advice to many homeowners for over the 60 or so years we had our business shingle hung out and whether it is a rain gutter repair in Creemore or a rain gutter replacement in Creemore you can on us to do it right the first time.

In the home of the largest microbrewery in Ontario, the residents of Creemore inherently know we are the only call they need to make for roof repairs is to our company at AM Roofing Solutions. A free consultation and no-obligation home inspection one call away, so call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, fascia and soffit installation in Creemore

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