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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Horseshoe Valley

Windows have been known to break when impacted with a baseball, sidewalks will crack due to a frigid winter and driveways will need to be re-surfaced from time to time due to erosion. All home repairs that come from the use of the items or the weather and there is always a case to be made for the when and how for the repairs. An eavestrough replacement in Horseshoe Valley, a fascia replacement in Horseshoe Valley and a soffit replacement in Horseshoe Valley come with the territory as a homeowner. When the problems are at hand, call a professional roofer to complete the roof repair or roof replacement work and don’t get caught spending money twice – once from the failed DIY attempt and once for the right person for the right task. AM Roofing Solutions is the only company you need for the work and we ensure that it some right and will last for many years after we are gone.

Don’t let water damage your systems, eavestrough, fascia, and soffit


  • Your roof needs to move water as a form of self-protection and it comes to the eavestrough and downspouts to get the flow going. The eavestrough will need to be clear of garbage or anything else that can occupy the channel and when it isn’t clean, an eavestrough replacement in Horseshoe Valley is the way to direct the water to the ground. Your eavestrough can experience damage when it isn’t cleaned regularly or properly and will force the hand of a homeowner and he will have to assign an eavestrough replacement in Horseshoe Valley to a qualified contractor to stop the damage that is taking place due to inaction. A rain gutter isn’t a very deep channel, hence it can't stand a backup of too much water before it exits the gutter and flows over different parts of your house. A rain gutter repair in Horseshoe Valley will re-direct the water to the ground in the manner it was created to do and that should take care of things for the meantime. A small pinprick hole or slight crack will ruin the integrity of the rain gutter and that calls for a rain gutter replacement in Horseshoe Valley to keep water away from places that you don’t want it to go.


  • Water will hit the fascia first when exiting the rain gutters and that is the place that problems start for the fascia. It is a strip made of wood or can have an aluminum sheath covering the wood, but the results are still the same a fascia repair in Horseshoe Valley when water is moving over the gutter. If you have mold or wood rot in the fascia a fascia replacement in Horseshoe Valley will prevent the health hazard from moving to the attic through the gap that the fascia closes. For the fascia, it gets hit with another problem that has little to do with the outside of the home but the fascia feels the effects of the chain reaction that is created. We insulate our attic for a number of reasons – energy efficiency and roof protection come to mind for two reasons and roof protection is what the fascia needs. If you can stop the flow of warm air from your home to the shingles in winter, you can stop the snow from melting and refreezing on the roof. We have spoken about how water drains from the roof, but it must be a liquid to move – when it freezes it is an ice dam looking for a place to do damage. The lack of attic insulation contributes to this problem and is the sole driver of it. For the sake of couple hundred dollars of attic insulation, you now have a three-pronged repair to make and it starts with the insulation unless you want to step and repeat the repairs to the fascia and eavestrough.


  • To keep the humidity your attic experiences to a minimum, you need a working air return system to recycle the air and cool the temperatures in the attic to keep the supports from damage. The soffit is the working ‘lung’ for the attic, it draws air through a perforated panel that is attached to the underside the eavestrough and fascia and it is the draw for the air. If you aren’t pulling air from the outside into the attic a soffit repair in Horseshoe Valley can get things aired out and reduce the water vapour to tolerable levels. If the humidity persists, you should realize that a soffit replacement in Horseshoe Valley is your best interests to prevent sagging and twisting of the main beam and joists or rafters in your home. To retrofit your supports because you didn’t provide a timely repair to the soffit will treble your repair costs and leave you chagrined in the process.

Contact us at AM Roofing Solutions when you have any or all of the problems associated with an eavestrough replacement in Horseshoe Valley, a fascia replacement Horseshoe and a soffit replacement in Horseshoe Valley. Our company has over 60-years working in our business and when we complete your work you will receive our 10-year labour warranty as our commitment to excellence in our work.

For a free estimate, a free roof inspection and no-cost meeting to highlight your problems and our solutions, call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Horseshoe Valley

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