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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Blue Mountain

Some plan for eventualities, others react to them, but in the final analysis, the eventualities always come out on top. A small engine repair for our outdoor tools is one eventuality, a major engine repair for your car is another if you haven’t heeded the signs and the service engine light on the dash console. Many repairs can be categorized as essential and they need to be made to keep the regular functions of the tools or labour saving devices up to par. An eavestrough replacement in Blue Mountain, a fascia replacement in Blue Mountain, and a soffit replacement in Blue Mountain are repairs that can sneak up on you if you aren’t paying attention. When they do, call our company, AM Roofing Solutions to get the repairs made that your home needs to withstand the elements and protect your family in the process.

Making a commitment to home protection, the eavestrough, fascia and soffit


  • To get water off the roof, you need an eavestrough working at peak capacity to deal with the water that will visit your home regularly during the four seasons. Part of the peak capacity operation is a clear gutter to transport water to the downspout and then on to the ground. When clogs force water over the sides or slow drainage an eavestrough repair in Blue Mountain will be the thing that helps immensely. On the flip side, if have neglected your eavestrough or you didn’t realize there was a problem, it might be the thing causes an eavestrough replacement in Blue Mountain because the channel might be damaged and it won't effectively move the water from the roof to the ground. You don’t often have the chance to witness water over the rain gutter – but when you see it you should know that the gutter needs to be cleaned and a rain gutter repair in Blue Mountain is key to the repair. If damage has been done to the gutter through the buildup of material or the extra weight of the buildup, a rain gutter replacement in Blue Mountain will need to be taken as soon as a possible to realign the drainage system and prevent water entering the house at weak spots in the foundation.


  • The first stop water makes when it leaves the rain gutter due to a clog is at the fascia and it is bad when it happens. It can create a large repair bill and that is something we can all do without. The fascia is under the eavestrough and it is made of wood and wood doesn’t fare well when exposed to water all the time. As such, the wood can rot or the other problems can befall the fascia that will create a situation where a fascia repair in Blue Mountain will need to be administered. Once you have the fascia off the house, you take a moment to look it over for potential mold growth or dry rot – if you find either a fascia replacement in Blue Mountain should be the tonic to cure the problem. We should all know the role that insulation plays in our roofing system, but alas many don’t. The insulation in the attic keeps our heat in the house if we don’t have enough insulation it won’t and that is where the problems start for the fascia – especially in the winter. Heat transfer will be the end result if you haven’t provided the right amount of insulation – that is when snow will melt on the roof due to poor insulation in the winter. The water from the snow will move to the gutters as intended, but cooler temperatures will turn the liquid to a solid and that is an ice dam that will damage the gutter that is attached to the fascia.


  • The soffit has one job, and that is to get fresh air into the attic – the process is achieved with holes in the panel of the soffit and it is installed under the eavestrough and fascia. The holes will let air move through them and rise up into the attic, where the fresh air will neutralize warm, moist air that will wreck your attic supports. Congestion in the holes won’t let the maximum amount of air into the attic and that is the reason you need a soffit repair in Blue Mountain – to keep the attic clear of water vapour. The water vapour that a homeowner is trying to purge from the attic can be absorbed but dry wood like the rafters and joists and over time cause them to weaken. You can head off that problem with a soffit replacement in Blue Mountain if the repair fails and your roof will be better for it, and so will your wallet.

When you deal with our company, AM Roofing Solutions, we want to advise that we are a full-service roofing concern that can handle anything that requires a professional roofing contractor. When you have to have an eavestrough replacement in Blue Mountain, a fascia replacement in Blue Mountain or a soffit replacement in Blue Mountain, be advised that we will supply a warranty for 10-years for the work for your hard earned money.

We have a free inspection, a no-cost meeting and free estimate waiting for you when call us today to make arrangements for roofing work at 1.877.281.6900.  

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Blue Mountain

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