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Attic Insulation in Tottenham

If all of us can make incremental changes to our lifestyles we can make a big difference for our environment. Greenhouse gases threaten the air we breathe and a reduction in consumption of fossil fuels will slow the effect of climate change to the point where might be able to reverse the threat. One way to change your energy consumption is to have new attic insulation installed as form energy conservation. Academics tell us that they have studied energy use and they results aren’t pretty. The results tabled in studies identify the attic as the biggest threat to home energy use because it vents 40 per cent of a home’s heat through the roof. New attic insulation in Tottenham can stop the release of heat and the excess burning of fossil fuels through conservation that new attic insulation provides. The same studies have concluded that a homeowner who adds new attic insulation can save a great deal of money on energy costs. Twenty to 30 per cent in savings can be realized when you upgrade with new attic insulation and those savings run for the life of your homeownership. The problem in a nutshell is that homes across the province have no attic insulation or inadequate insulation to stop heat leakage that cause extra energy use. Energy efficiency is paramount to fostering a clean air environment and installing new attic insulation in Tottenham will help society achieve low-carbon goals by reducing our personal carbon footprint.

To create your own personal energy conservation strategy, contact us at AM Roofing Solutions, we have many years developing and instituting plans for our customers to help them manage their energy use through new attic insulation in Tottenham.

Attic insulation in Tottenham, what to do, when to do it

  • Are you willing to leave thousands of dollars on the table because you have inadequate attic insulation in Tottenham? That is what you are doing when you don’t upgrade your attic insulation in Tottenham. The preliminary costs for an upgrade of attic insulation can be returned to a homeowner in less than two years – depending on personal energy use – and insulation needs no alternate power sources to operate.
  • To take on a project of the importance of energy conservation, it is extremely important to use a professional contractor to initiate the work. Ability, expertise and a record of successful installations should be the measuring sticks you use to evaluate a perspective contractor before you make any decisions.
  • There are some distinct advantages for a homeowner when they use a professional for the installation of your attic upgrade. Distribution of the product is paramount to its’ success and a professional will know where and how to get he product to places it needs to be to effect the best results. Also, when a professional installs the insulation, any warranties – a duration than can span 50-years - that were part of the sale of the shingles you have will be available. The professional, through his installation will stop heat release that is damaging to the shingles that can put the whole roofing system at risk. Any warranties that are in effect can be released to a new owner if your home is sold when the warranty is in force.
  • Government intervention in the area of climate change has posed changes to many areas of our lives. One such change is to the building code where the government has told homeowners any attic insulation upgrade needs to be a density rating equivalent to R-60. A good first step to stop excess fossil fuel use, but it only a step. Homeowners have a responsibility to make an informed decision respective of some conditions like house size, climate and the lifestyle that you assume in your home. To meet those challenges, we have many different options to help make those choices and it is never wrong to add more insulation should you decide the savings are worth the investment.
  • To allow for an attic retrofit, the need to take out any old product is the first step to renewing your insulation. We get rid of the old insulation with a vacuum; the next step is we install the blown in, loose fill, fiberglass insulation and the work takes less than a day to accomplish.

The product we use for all our attic retrofits is Owens Corning EcoTouch Pink fiberglass insulation. EcoTouch Pink is highly rated for its’ ability to hold its density, is made with 73-per-cent recycled glass and it is the top selling product in North America. Owens Corning was the company that discovered fiberglass in the 1930’s and they developed the product to what is today, the most common product in the insulation business.

Owens Corning is the biggest roofing supply and insulation materials supply company across the continent and over time we have partnered with for many of their products. Through our work, Owens Corning has awarded us with a certification that no other Canadian company holds. We are the only company to hold a Platinum Preferred Contractor certification, and we hold it dearly as recognition of our efforts in the industry.

To get into business is one thing, to stay in business is another. After 60 years, our reputation precedes us and our workmanship is bedrock that supports all our efforts in the roofing industry.

In the home of the Tottenham Blue Grass Festival, the music lovers of Tottenham contact AM Roofing Solutions when they want upgrades and repairs for their roofing and insulation. We may not be able to carry a tune, but we can provide any perspective customers with a free information and education session and home inspection. Call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Tottenham

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