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Attic insulation in Stroud

With costs rising everywhere and wage gains stagnating, it has never been more important to economize anywhere you can. The problem is most homeowners have fixed costs built into their lifestyles and the only place to make changes is in discretionary spending. Unless, of course, a homeowner would assume new costs that will provide savings down the road as an investment that will create value. One such investment is new attic insulation in Stroud for reasons that are evident. Over the years, studies from the academic community in the filed of energy use detail that over 40 per cent of a home’s energy use is lost through the attic due a lack of attic insulation in Stroud. That, in turn causes more fossil fuel use that creates greenhouse gases to be emitted that create climate change when you have limited to no attic insulation in Stroud. The added expense that no attic insulation in Stroud poses is immense when you factor it in over time, but the academic community has also said that installing new attic insulation in Stroud will produce significant savings. When you install new attic insulation in Stroud the return you can realize is 20-30 per cent per year, every year.

When you decide to make the switch and update your attic insulation in Stroud, call us at AM Roofing Solutions. We have years of experience providing energy-efficient solutions with new attic insulation in Stroud that will reduce a household budget and save the environment.   


Attic insulation in Stroud, upgrade and save

  • Home renovation projects come with built-in costs that can’t be avoided, but can recovered over time when they are enacted. The costs new attic insulation in Stroud can be reclaimed in a year or two based on the savings realized through energy conservation.
  • For a project that put hundreds of dollars, if not thousands of dollars back in your pocket it s important to hire a certified contractor for the work. A contractor should be a capable insulation installer that has a record of providing the service and possesses references to support his skills.
  • When a professional is used for the insulation installation, a perk and an asset can be enjoyed. The asset comes in the form of a warranty – 25-50-years – when the professional installs the insulation. It is important to have the contractor install the insulation in a manner that stops heat loss to the shingles. Your shingles are sensitive to excess heat and will become damaged due to overexposure. When the project is a DIY, the warranty will be voided and can’t be moved with the home during a sale of the property.
  • In Ontario, changes have been made to the building code to help slow the effects of climate change and the changes come in the form density ratings for attic insulation. The government has emphatically stated that R-20 is the new minimum for attic retrofits but they failed to look closely at other details. Home size, temperature and lifestyle have an impact on the density for your home. If you need some help determining how much insulation you need, one of our consultants can draw up a plan for your retrofit. If you think that you need more insulation than we have recommended, it is always better to use a little more than a little less.
  • You don’t have to hire a separate company to remove any old insulation you have in your attic, because it is part of service. We vacuum out old material before we install the blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation and the duration of the work is less than a day.   


We use best quality material for our entire attic retrofits and Owens Corning EcoTouch Pink fiberglass insulation is the product for your home. EcoTouch Pink holds its density very well and is made with more recycled material than the competitors – 73-per-cent – and fibreglass was a creation of Owens Corning 70 years ago. After decades of using Corning’s products, they have certified us as a Platinum Preferred Contractor, a certification that is the only one issued in Canada. Our company was established 60 years ago and over time we have grown based on our approach to our work. We believe in craftsmanship and our drive to provide the best service in the industry is what has driven our ascension up the roofing ladder.

The community of Stroud is on the western shore of Lake Simcoe, and when the community needs roofing or insulation work they contact us, AM Roofing Solutions. To make arrangements for a free attic inspection and consultation, call us today at 1.877.281.6900. 

Attic insulation in Stroud

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