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Attic Insulation in Sharon

Nature abhors a vacuum and that means the only constant is change some change is good, climate change on the other hand not so much. Greenhouse gases that are the byproduct of fossil fuel burning are causing atmospheric problems and curbing consumption through conservation is the only way to go when dealing with the problem. A way to curb fossil fuel use at home is through new attic insulation in Sharon because installing attic insulation in Sharon will stop heat leakage through your attic. Many homes have less than the required amount of attic insulation than they need and studies provided by experts in the area of energy use have stated that 40 per cent of a home’s heat is lost though a lack of attic insulation in Sharon. The same experts state in detail that there is relief for the problem of no attic insulation in Sharon and that is through a retrofit of attic insulation in Sharon. Studies measured the rate of return that attic insulation in Sharon would provide and the savings are in the 20-30 per cent range per year in a home’s heating budget.

To make the most of your hard earned dollars, call AM Roofing Solutions to create a comprehensive plan for energy conservation through new attic insulation in Sharon.

Attic insulation in Sharon, making green dreams a reality

  • The experts that told us about heat loss and cost savings, but there is one more message that speaks to the benefits that conservation provides. It is in line with cost recovery for the project that is new attic insulation in Sharon. The returns happen quickly when you retrofit your attic with new attic insulation in Sharon, the money spent is returned in less than two years and in home energy conservation projects that is the equivalent of the blink of an eye.
  • Making home energy conservation dreams a reality requires a contractor that is a certified installer of attic insulation. The installer will have the background and expertise to see the insulation laid to industry standard and references to back-up his previous work.
  • The advantage of a professional can’t be underestimated, and in some cases more than financial beneficial to the homeowner. Any warranties that were provided with your shingles at the time of purchases will be voided if you use some who doesn’t have professional qualifications. And the warranty – 50-years potentially – can be moved along with the title to the home if you sell while the warranty is valid, if a professional installs the insulation.
  • Putting the brakes on climate change is a never-ending battle and governments far and wide are attempting to control the change through laws and regulations. Changes to the Ontario building code will facilitate change and it calls for attic insulation density to be at R-60 for new retrofits. We can help you navigate the regulations and should you chose to add more insulation, it will help your conservation efforts.
  • To increase you energy efficiency with new attic insulation means one thing, anything in the attic needs to be removed before new, blown in, loose fill fiberglass insulation is added. It is done with a vacuum and we provide the service as part of the attic insulation cost for your home.

The loose fill fibreglass we use comes from Owens Corning, an industry leader in roofing materials and insulation. EcoTouch Pink insulation is used across the continent and the choice of professional installers everywhere. It contains a high density, made with recycled fibres – 73-per-cent, in fact – and Owens Corning developed the product 70 years ago.

Our affiliation with them goes back many years and they have awarded us a certification that no other Canadian company can match. We are the only company in Canada to hold the certification as a Platinum Preferred Contractor for Owens Corning products, and that speaks to abilities and level of service we provide.

Sixty years work and thousands upon thousands of successful roofing and insulation projects under our belt, and you see our success in a microcosm. We rely on workmanship and quality materials to satisfy our discerning customers and our family has been the driving force behind it all.

In the home of the Words Alive Literary Festival, Sharon enjoys a rich cultural history that many towns don’t. When roof and insulation needs come to the attention of local residents they contact AM Roofing Solutions. Call us today for a free inspection, estimate and consultation at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Sharon

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