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Attic Insulation in Nobleton

Your heating costs have effectively double and or tripled in the past few years and there seems to be no end in sight. You have taken corrective measures, but nothing seems to be helping bring the costs down. If you haven’t looked in your attic lately, it might be time to check your attic insulation in Nobleton to determine if you have any. Most homes in Ontario have limited no attic insulation and that is contributing to high energy costs. Homes in Nobleton aren’t exempt and a lack of attic insulation in Nobleton contributes to climate change because they burn excessive fossil fuels that are the prime driver of greenhouse gases. Scientific research papers have confirmed that heat loss through the attic is 40 per cent of your heating costs and new attic insulation in Nobleton can return the money through energy conservation. 

Conclusions in the papers that have been presented state that a homeowner can obtain significant savings are available when an upgrade of new attic insulation in Nobleton is installed. Estimates state at the low-end savings can be 20 per cent on your overall heating bills and as high as 30 per cent when you install new attic insulation in Nobleton.

For best results for your energy conservation, contact AM Roofing Solutions, we have helped many homeowners attain energy efficiency through attic insulation in Nobleton that has helped reduce costs and reduce environmental damage in the process.

Attic insulation in Nobleton, moving to a greener future

  • Environmental stewardship has its rewards, some virtuous, some financial. Saving the planet can be considered a virtue while realizing thousands in savings is the financial benefit of new attic insulation in Nobleton. The cost of new attic insulation in Nobleton is a cost that can be delivered back to your household budget in less than 24 months and the savings it provides carries forward year in and year out.
  • To make the switch to energy conservation it is important to use a professional contractor to guide the project to conclusion. You need someone who is trained and experienced in providing the kind of work necessary to fulfill the obligations of the work and it helps if the contractor has a history providing insulation retrofits as means of validating his credentials.
  • Once a professional has been chosen to install the insulation, his credentials that are verifiable will provide a bonus to the energy conservation and cost savings you will receive. The prevention of excess heat leaking through the shingles is an important part of the work that will yield a warranty consideration for your home. A contractor installation will afford the warranty conditions to be valid – warranties can run through a 50-year cycle – and it can be moved when the house is sold.
  • Governments across the country are taking steps through legislation and regulations to help reduce the stress on the environment that climate change creates. In Ontario, for example, one of the strategies is a change to the building code in the area of attic insulation and retrofits for attics. The new regulations mean that density minimum is being imposed and is set at R-60. That doesn’t take into account the house size, lifestyle, or median temperatures and that is where we come in. We can formulate a structured plan to meet the conditions of the government regulations and if at that point you think more is better, extra insulation means bigger savings down the line.
  • Clearing out an attic is a little like mucking out a stall – the waste insulation that may be present in your attic has to come out before we can install the blown in, loose fill, fiberglass insulation. It is done with a vacuum and creates a clean work area for the new insulation. It can be preventative maintenance due to the fact it may expose flaws in the roofing system that may need work before they become problems.   

Attic insulation comes in many different substances but the only insulation we use is fibreglass insulation that comes from Owens Corning. EcoTouch Pink fibreglass holds the distinction as the number-one selling insulation product available, is the greenest product available – 73-per-cent recycled product – and was a creation of Owens Corning over 70 years ago.

As the biggest supplier of insulation and roofing products in our industry, Owens Corning holds a lot of sway in the marketplace. They have certified our company as a Platinum Preferred Contractor for their products – a Canadian first – as we are the only holder of the certification.

Sixty years of service to the industry and three generations of family working to secure roofing and insulation challenges has set us apart from our competition. Our reputation is the gold standard for our work and it is based on quality that was instilled by our founder.

In the southern part of the Oak Ridges Moraine, Nobleton is a community that is growing and as they do they know we will be there with them for any roofing or insulation needs that may arise. Call AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900 for an in-depth inspection and free no-obligation estimate.

Attic Insulation in Nobleton

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