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Attic Insulation in New Tecumseth

Sound financial management is a goal we all want to attain to provide security for our loved ones and to keep the ‘wolf from the door.’ Prudent planning and a little good luck are part of the process, but when we think in terms how we can save money we look at ways to economize. Fuel-efficient cars, appliance that are energy efficient like furnaces and water heaters can help reduce an energy bill incrementally. Bigger projects can yield higher returns, but they come with bigger investments. Energy efficient windows have become extremely popular as an answer for energy conservation but it is impractical from a money-saving standpoint. Replacement windows come with a high cost that generally takes 10-15 years to recover through the savings they produce on your utility bill. The best return on your energy conservation dollar comes from attic insulation in New Tecumseth based a number of factors. Studies released in the area of energy conservation advise us that heat loss through the attic is directly responsible for up to 40 per cent of home’s heating bill, and that can be a substantial expenditure. At AM Roofing Solutions, we can retrofit your attic insulation in New Tecumseth that will keep your home warm and comfortable while saving money in the long run. As your attic insulation contractor, we will do a thorough attic inspection to determine the state of the situation and take all appropriate action to bring your insulation up to code. The first element of your attic insulation that will be examined is the barriers that keep moisture and vapour out and heat in. Those barriers will need to be air and moisture tight and if not we will install new barriers that will do the job. Next item on the agenda for your retrofit is blown-in, loose fill insulation to cover the barriers and create blanket that will protect your roofing system. The final item that will need to be spoken to is a soffit. The soffit is probably the most important element of your attic insulation in New Tecumseth because it vents unwanted heat from home and keeps the heat from penetrating your roofing system. Heat buildup and release is a scourge for your shingles because the heat will damage the shingles and it put other aspects of your roofing system in distress. Energy conservation is made easy by your friends at AM Roofing Solutions and we can show you how an attic retrofit can have many positive benefits now and in the future.

Benefits of attic insulation in New Tecumseth

  • Climbing the mountain of energy efficiency is long and difficult journey if you don’t know what to look for. Experts’ tell us that heat loss through the attic is the number one source of energy loss in any home and that translates into hundreds of dollars in costs that could be saved through adequate attic insulation in New Tecumseth.
  • Experts in the field of attic insulation, likes us at AM Roofing Solutions are well prepared to accomplish the task of retrofitting your attic with loose fill insulation. We have many years experience and a knowledgeable staff that is trained in all the latest concepts and techniques in attic insulation installation.
  • Having certified professionals install your new attic insulation is extremely beneficial from a standpoint that most people have never considered. Your shingles come with a warranty – sometimes as long as 50 years – and it becomes active when certified professionals install the attic insulation. Also, it not well known, but the shingle warranty is transferable if you decide to sell your home and creates and attractive value-added feature for your listing.
  • The provincial government has mandated that new construction and retrofits for attic insulation have a minimum density of R-50. That is only the floor for insulation and doesn’t take into account the size of your home or regional temperatures in your area. At AM Roofing Solutions we have been guiding our customers through this unknown territory by providing excellent solutions that achieve their insulation goals
  • To add blown-in loose fill insulation we need to remove any old stock insulation that may be present in your attic. To complete this task we use state-of-the-art equipment that takes no time at all and doesn’t disrupt the activities of the residents during the process.

The product of choice for your attic insulation comes from the industry leader in roofing materials and that is Owens Corning. They produce the best loose fill insulation on the market with their signature product Ecotouch pink insulation. Owens Corning has over 70 years supplying quality-roofing materials to our industry and they are the most trusted supplier on the market. Our relationship with Owens Corning has been long and fruitful and through our relationship with them they have awarded us with a unique designation. We are considered a Preferred Contractor for all their roofing products due to our commitment to quality workmanship and expertise in the roofing business. We have over 60 years experience working in the roofing business and our reputation precedes us wherever we go.

When the residents of south-central Ontario need attic insulation in New Tecumseth they call us at AM Roofing Solutions. For a no obligation consultation and free estimate contact us today at 1.877.289.6900.

Attic Insulation in New Tecumseth

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