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Attic Insulation in Innisfil

Social awareness and social responsibility have become staples in the new millennium as more and more people become aware that their actions and inactions affect the eco-system we know as Mother Earth. When view our lives from that perspective, it becomes ever more apparent that changes in lifestyle driven by our mentality to leave the world a better place are spurring technological developments in a positive way. We have seen engineers improve the functions of appliances – using less electricity to do the same work – energy saving light bulbs to reduce our dependency on energy generated by fossil fuels and cars that will one day be run solely on electricity are developments that have been driven by the clean ethos. Reducing energy usage is a laudable goal and can have excellent spin-off effects that can affect a household budget’s bottom line. Savings on utilities bills are the by-products of social responsibility and as technology provides more innovations our ability to integrate them into our daily lives will become easier. Every facet of our lives is affected and when it comes time to examining our home’s energy use, there are areas where changes can be made that will be beneficial in the long run. Studies have told us that a home’s heat loss can be related to poor insulation in our attics. As much as 40 per cent of all heat loss from our homes flows through the roof and in effect is like burning money. To correct this situation a call to AM Roofing Solutions for a consultation and retrofit will help reduce energy consumption while providing savings on heating and cooling bills in the future. When you call us for attic insulation in Innisfill we will attend your home for in-depth inspection of your current attic insulation system. There are a couple of areas that will need attention and the first is the barrier situation that may or may not be present in the attic. You need two types of barriers in your attic to help the loose fill insulation work as it was designed to do. The first barrier is a vapour seal and the second barrier is a moisture seal. Once we have determined both seals are tight, loose fill can be blown in. If they seals aren’t tight we will re-seal them before insulation is installed. After the process is complete there is one ting left to do and that is install a soffit for ventilation. The soffit will help protect the roofing system from unwanted heat release through the attic and will extend the life span of the shingles because they won’t be exposed to excessive heat.   

At AM Roofing Solutions we can show you how attic insulation in Innisfil can pay in more ways than one when we attend your residence for a consultation.

Attic insulation in Innisfil, benefits to the homeowner

  • Many experts’ have told us heat loss is expensive and detrimental to the environment. If you have inadequate attic insulation in Innisfil in effect you’re heating the outdoors in the winter and cooling it in the summer. To prevent this situation from happening a retrofit of your attic is in order to obtain cost control of home’s heating and cooling bills.
  • As roofing experts, we at AM Roofing Solutions have many years installing loose fill insulation and our crews are extremely knowledgeable in this area. Our work speaks for itself and when we complete the job you will know that your shingles will have a layer of protection in the form of insulation that installed by experts who don’t cut corners.
  • When we talk about protection for your roofing system it can take many forms. Certainly attic insulation in Innisfil that is properly vented is important, but just as important is who you have installed it. If you use certified professionals to install attic insulation in Innisfill an added bonus come into effect. Shingle warranties – some as long as 50 years in duration – become valid when using the services of a qualified professional. It is important to note that warranties are transferable should you sell your home and that can act as a value-added feature in the sale of your home.
  • The provincial government mandates an R-50 value for attic insulation in any retrofit or new construction of a home. The rating is just the floor for insulation and there are a couple of other details to take into consideration. The first is the size of home and second the temperatures in your area. You can top-up you attic insulation in Innisfil beyond provincial recommendations for a nominal cost and that cost will be returned to you over time.
  • On occasion, we will need to remove old stock insulation that may be present in your attic before we proceed with the retrofit for your attic insulation in Innisfil. To accomplish this goal we use state-of-the-art equipment that is disruption-free for the occupants and is a quick and easy process to complete.

The only product we use for attic insulation in Innisfil and other communities is Owens Corning Ecotouch Pink loose fill insulation. For over 70 years Owens Corning has been bringing the best roofing products to market and their reputation in North America-wide. We have been using their roofing products for decades and our association with them has garnered a prestigious designation. We are a Preferred Contractor for all Owens Corning roofing products based on our quality workmanship and expertise if the roofing business that is 60 years long.

When the resident on the western shore of Lake Simoce need attic insulation in Innsifil they call us at AM Roofing Solutions. For no obligation consultation and free estimate contact us today at 1.877.289.6900.

Attic Insulation in Innisfil

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