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Attic Insulation in Holland Landing

Those who resist change are doomed to be crushed underneath its wake, and it is important to recognize when change is coming and prepare accordingly. Greenhouse gases have driven climate change and that is problem that will effect future generations if not dealt with. One solution that will pay huge dividends is attic Insulation in Holland Landing. Of all the money you spend heating your home, 40 per cent of it goes up in smoke through the attic because you have poor attic insulation in Holland Landing. That isn’t speculation that is fact as told to us by many academics that study energy conservation and how attic insulation in Holland Landing effects our energy consumption. Engaging in energy conservation through new attic insulation in Holland Landing has many positive elements to it. First off, reducing fossil fuel use is paramount to energy conservation and the environmental benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions go hand in hand with new attic insulation in Holland Landing. The second benefit is a reduction in household expenses when you install new attic insulation in Holland Landing. The same experts that warn us abut excessive heat loss through our attic’s also tell us that new attic insulation in Holland Landing can cut our household heating costs by 20 per cent a year. Those savings can be ratcheted up if we are take care to watch our energy use and the savings will climb to 30 per cent.

Our company, AM Roofing Solutions, has a record of helping homeowners reduce costs and help the environment with new attic insulation in Holland Landing that will create cleaner air in the future.

Attic insulation in Holland Landing, making a green impression

  • Installing new attic insulation in Holland Landing comes with a price, but what home renovation project doesn’t come with one, but it is the return on investment that sets it apart. The initial investment can be recovered in a short period of time as energy conservation plans go – some as little as 24 months or sooner if you practice sensible energy use.
  • Installing new insulation is not a DIY project it is best served by a certified contractor with experience. This point can’t be stressed enough because a professional will having training, knowledge and expertise to provide the service and it can far-reaching implications if not installed properly.
  • A certified contractor, providing a professional installation will accrue a benefit to the homeowner that comes in the form of a warranty for the shingles. Stopping heat leaks is what insulation does, among other things, and when it prevents heat from leaking to the shingles it prevents early wear and tear that will be the death of your shingles. When a professional spreads the insulation, warranties kick in – 50-years at the max – and the warranty can be shifted to new owners as part of a sale.
  • Citizens expect governments to meet challenges that are posed by climate change and Ontario has taken aggressive action to combat the problem and they are using the building code as a weapon. For any new retrofits for insulation, the government has dictated minimum R-values for all work performed. R-60 is the new normal, but that doesn’t the finer points of location, temperature or house size into account. We can provide good advice to get your attic to the minimum and if you think you more is better we will help raise your density rating with more insulation.
  • Removing insulation that is in the attic is a quick and easy task before we install the blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation. We have a large vacuum that we transport to your home and extract the product and install the new fiberglass, the time period all tolled is about four homes.

We all want the best for our homes within the budget we can afford and that is why we use Owens Corning EcoTouch fiberglass insulation. It is the most common choice among installers due to its high capacity density, is green in the fact it is made up with over 70-per-cent glass fibres and coincidental, it was invented by Owens Corning 70 some years ago.

We have used Owens Corning products for many years and over time they have come to respect the work we do in the roofing and insulation business. The respect we have earned has provided us with a certification as a Platinum Preferred Contractor for Corning products, and that certification is a Canadian first.

We have been in the roofing and insulation business for three generations or so and our family has driven our business to heights we never imagined. Our efforts, through hard work and a dedication to quality through craftsmanship is our calling card.

Holland landing is nestled in the ‘Salad Bowl’ of Ontario and town’s resident have used us at AM Roofing Solutions for many roofing and insulation projects over time. To have your attic inspected and obtain a free quote for insulation call our toll-free number at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Holland Landing

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