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Attic Insulation in Bradford, ON

Less is more so says the old saying and in the area of energy conservation it has never been more relevant than it is today. Our social awareness for our actions has taken on responsibilities that weren’t imagined 20 years ago. The newfound awareness has extended to all areas of our life and when we review our energy conservation for our homes there is work to do.

Most homes have poor insulation in Bradford and that is a problem for the homeowner on two fronts. First is, the high cost of energy and second is the excess use of fossil fuels that limited attic insulation in Bradford causes.

Studies in the area of energy conservation and energy efficiency indicate that a lack of attic insulation in Bradford can cost a home 40 percent more in heating costs than a home with adequate attic insulation in Bradford.

The increase is due to heat going right through the roof because your home has poor attic insulation in Bradford. The excess burning of fossil fuels causes greenhouse gases and they are the link to climate change. New attic insulation in Bradford can reduce fossil fuel use and one home at a time can help rescue our environment.

To create an energy efficient home new attic insulation in Bradford is a must and AM Roofing can help devise a plan of attic to improve your attic insulation in Bradford and help you realise savings of 20-30 percent a year on heating costs.

Attic insulation in Bradford, the time is right

  • When you retrofit your attic with new attic insulation in Bradford, you should be aware that thousands of dollars, over time, will be returned to you in savings on the heating bill. The cost for an attic retrofit that will improve your attic insulation in Bradford, and is returned to you in a year or two with the savings rolling over year after year.
  • Making a key decision to increase your energy efficiency through conservation shouldn’t be taken lightly, nor should your choice for a contractor. Choose a certified professional, one that has a solid credentials as an insulation installer, who can meet all the challenges that your home may present.
  • A certified professional can be a boon for a homeowner. The contractor will have working knowledge of insulation installation and his work will stop heat leaks through the shingles. The importance of a professional installation can’t be overstated, heat leaks hurt shingles, and when you don’t use a professional contractor for the installation you void any shingle warranties. Some warranties can be a 50-year proposition and can be passed on to a new homeowner if sold during the warranty period, a nice selling point.
  • The provincial government has made changes to the building code as one of their responses to climate change, and it falls in the area of attic insulation. Any new retrofits that are installed by a contractor need to be at a floor of R-60 insulation density to slow the burning of fossil fuels. To build a personalised plan for energy efficiency within provincial guidelines our company can design the plan.
  • If you think that more insulation will be beneficial due to your home’s size, the climate, or lifestyle, the savings are yours to enjoy with an increase in insulation.
  • Old insulation that has no material worth must be extracted before the blown in, loose fill; fiberglass insulation is installed in your attic. It is done with a vacuum and we provide this service as part of your retrofit.

Owens Corning supplies all the fibreglass insulation we install due to the high quality of the product. It has consistently been the top selling product available, holds its density and is green – 73-per-cent is recycled.

Owens Corning has issued a certification to our company that no other Canadian company holds. We are certified as a Platinum Preferred Contractor for all their materials and it is a distinction that is a testament to our reputation in the business.

AM Roofing Solutions has been serving the needs of Ontarians for the past 60 years, and three generations strong have provided excellent work and quality in everything we do.

In the 'Salad Bowl of Ontario,' Bradford residents can rely on us at AM Roofing Solutions to tend to their roofing and insulation needs.

A call to our office at 1.877.281.6900 will have a professional consultant attend your home for an inspection and estimate that are free of charge with no-obligation.

Attic Insulation in Bradford


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