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Attic Insulation in Blue Mountain, ON

Making a transition to reduce your carbon footprint comes with some sacrifices that produce benefits for those who are willing to make the switch. Becoming a responsible citizen is a virtuous act certainly, but there are financial rewards for conservation that come with the lifestyle.

One sure-fire home improvement project to help anyone achieve social and financial goals is new attic insulation in Blue Mountain. Installing new attic insulation in Blue Mountain will help produce a comfortable environment and it has the potential to return cold, hard cash to your stretched household budget.

A lack of attic insulation or none at all causes extreme use of fossil fuels, the catalyst of climate change. Academic research studies have stated that a home loses at least 40 percent of its heat through the attic, and this lack of attic insulation in Blue Mountain is having a significant effect on the environment. Without adequate insulation, the heat generated within the home escapes through the roof, increasing the amount of energy required to maintain comfortable temperatures inside.

This leads to higher energy bills and an increased reliance on non renewable energy sources to keep homes warm, both of which have a negative impact on the environment. Attic insulation is an essential part of energy efficiency in any home, and it is important to ensure that the insulation in Blue Mountain is up to date in order to help reduce environmental harm.

When you install new attic insulation in Blue Mountain the financial returns can be rewarding. Conclusions in the same studies advise that energy cost savings can be at a minimum of 20 percent on heating bills with new blown in insulation in Blue Mountain and depending on energy use could soar as high as 30 percent per year when you install new attic insulation in Blue Mountain in your attic space.

Contact us at AM Roofing Solutions, for a comprehensive look at your attic insulation in Blue Mountain and we can determine where the weaknesses are and take proactive action to remedy the situation with new attic insulation in Blue Mountain.

Attic insulation in Blue Mountain, a sign of the times  

  • Over the lifetime of homeownership, new attic insulation in Blue Mountain can provide thousands in savings for any homeowner willing to make the investment. It is cost effective home renovation project that returns on the investment in less than 24 months and the savings accrue without the need of alternative energy sources to power the newfound conservation effort.
  • Making the switch to an energy efficient home requires the services of a certified contractor. Someone who has experience in providing the service and someone who can provide references for current work in the area. When we are talking about a project of this magnitude, you need to be able to verify the information of the contractor to prevent headaches later.
  • A certified contractor comes with unintended perks and incentives that flow from a warranty for shingles. A professional installation will provide the necessary coverage of insulation in the attic that prevents heat from leaking to the shingles.
  • The benefit is the shingles will have an extended lifespan, and the installation will cause the warranty to come into force – 50-years maximum – and the warranty can be delivered to a new homeowner as part of any sale by the previous owner.
  • Moving away from a heavy carbon economy is tantamount to reducing the effects of climate change and the Ontario government has instituted changes to help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. They have changed the building code to reflect the provincial commitment and in the area of attic insulation. They have stated that anything less than an R-60 rating for attic insulation density is not accepted and certified contractors are bound by the new regulations.
  • The new regulations are a blanket to cover the province, but the regulations don’t factor in different climates, house sizes or lifestyles. That is where we can help with a cogent plan to attain energy efficiency. Our consultants can work up a plan to help you meet the test of the new regulations and after the planning seminar you feel the need for more insulation, the savings will be returned on your heating bills.
  • Our company works as a full service attic insulation installation company and that means there is no need to hire another contractor to take out any insulation present in your attic. We have a vacuum system to perform the task before we install the blown, loose fill, fibreglass insulation in your home.

Loose fill, types of insulation such as fibreglass insulation is made by many companies, but the best product out there comes from Owens Corning. They invented the product in the 1930’s and have refined it to the point that it has become the highest selling insulation anywhere. EcoTouch Pink insulation material holds the R-value as well as any product, and is made with 73-percent recycled product, the highest concentration of any insulation product.

We have worked with Owens Corning products for many years and our commitment to the best products on the market is never in question. Owens Corning has reviewed our work and they have seen fit to certify us as a Platinum Preferred insulation Contractor, the only certification that a Canadian company holds.

We have been making the grade in our business for well over 60 years and our family has made the difference. Over three generations the clan has assumed the responsibility for roofing and proper attic insulation work and they sign our family’s name to everything we do.

At the foot of one of Ontario’s premier ski hills, Blue Mountain citizens can contact AM Roofing Solutions for any work they require on their roofs and in their attics.

Make the call today at 1.877.281.6900 for a no cost inspection and free estimate from AM Roofing Solutions.

Attic Insulation in Blue Mountain

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