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Attic Insulation in Aurora, ON

Managing our home finances is one of the toughest jobs a homeowner can have. Keeping the bills within a household budget means sacrifices and restraint when spending money. A way to take control of your home heating cooling energy bill is to have new attic insulation in Aurora installed, as a way to engage in energy conservation, energy savings, and financial restraint.

Many homes have limited or no attic insulation in Aurora and that is money up in smoke through your attic. Academic research papers have drawn conclusions on excess energy use and they have deduced 40 percent of home’s heating bill is wasted when there is poor attic insulation in Aurora.

To reverse the impact of waste, new attic insulation in Aurora will return 20-30 percent on your home’s heating bill according to the experts in energy conservation and that is good for the planet.

Make the most of your energy conservation plans when you call AM Roofing. We have helped many people get their heating bills and home temperatures under control with new attic insulation services in Aurora with plans that are simple and flexible.

Attic insulation in Aurora, making the grade

  • Installing attic insulation in Aurora can save money on heating bills and has no need for external power. The investment can be paid back in less than two years.  
  • To conserve energy, it is important to hire a professional contractor with a proven track record and references to install attic insulation in your home. 
  • When selecting a professional for installation, it is important to note that a professional installation will activate any warranty that comes with the shingles.
  • Professional insulation installation can preserve shingles from the heat in an attic, extending the shingle warranty for up to 50 years. This warranty can transfer to a new homeowner if the home is sold during this period.
  • The provincial government is taking active measures to reduce fossil fuel use and combat climate change, with a key focus on increasing insulation density for attic retrofits to R-60.
  • Our consultants can help get your attic up to code with plans that will enhance your energy conservation and if you think more insulation is necessary due to home size, climate or lifestyle the savings will be available as time goes by.
  • We begin by clearing out old insulation in the attic before installing blown-in, loose-fill fibreglass insulation. This involves using a vacuum to remove all existing material and inspecting the attic and roofing system for any defects that need to be repaired.

Owens Corning is the best fibreglass insulation available in North America and it is the only product we use for our attic retrofits. Corning discovered fibreglass back in the 1930’s and developed the product to what it is today, the most widely used in our business. It has great R-value, and its insulation materials composition is made up of 73 percent recycled glass – the greenest insulation in North America.

Owens Corning has a large footprint in our business and they chose their friends very carefully. They have provided our company with a premiere certification; we are certified as Platinum Preferred Contractor, the only Canadian company that holds that certification.

For a no-obligation meeting and free inspection, that comes with a free estimate, call today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Aurora

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