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Attic insulation in Angus, ON

Making an orderly transition to a low-carbon world will come with sacrifices and the technology will have to get things right, but it isn’t outside the realm of the probable that we can move away from fossil fuel use. Burning fossil fuels cause greenhouse gases that push climate change, but until we have the technology for alternative energy sources, conservation will be the key to an effective transition.

One way to reduce excess fuel consumption is to install new attic insulation in Angus as a means to blunt the effects of climate change. Many studies have been released that say poor attic insulation in Angus leads to overuse of fossil fuels, over 40 per cent of all heat from the home goes through the roof because there is little or no attic insulation in Angus.

That is wasted money and wasted energy that is harmful to the environment and to mitigate harm, energy efficiency through the installation of attic insulation in Angus is a means to a positive end. Conclusions in the same studies that have been released tell us that a savings can be achieved with new attic insulation in Angus and the savings can be as high as 30 percent per year on your heating expenses.

To create a cogent plan to stop your energy waste through conservation, contact our company, AM Roofing Solutions to develop a plan for attic insulation in Angus that will save money and the environment.


Attic insulation in Angus, a green journey

  • Saving money on energy conservation is an achievable goal with new attic insulation in Angus. Once new attic blown in insulation in Angus is installed it produces savings year over year with no help from outside energy sources. The cost of the retrofit is minimal when you stack it up against the savings on energy bills and the cost recovery is two years or less for most homes.
  • With potential savings in the thousands of dollars at stake, the need for a professional installation has never been more important. A certified contractor with a background in installation of attic insulation in Angus is very important to get the process off on the right foot. If the contractor is local so much the better because local work will produce local references, an important factor when hiring a contractor.
  • One feature that flies below the radar of a professional installation of attic insulation is warranties. Shingle warranties can be a valuable item for any homeowner – 50-years at most – and the warranty is only active when a professional facilitates the installation.
  • Heat from the home that leaks through the attic will damage shingles quickly without notice, when a professional is responsible for your installation he will spread the fill in a manner that will stop leakage and prevent shingle damage.
  • The government here in Ontario has stepped in with updated regulations to help reduce fossil fuel use by mandating changes to the building code. The new mandate means that any attic retrofits that are done by a contractor must meet an R-20 density rating.
  • This is a blanket adjustment but doesn’t look at home size, temperatures and lifestyle, so it is incumbent on the homeowner to evaluate the situation. If you are having trouble making a decision we can establish some parameters to help. When a plan has been developed and you aren’t satisfied with the results, more insulation can be added to meet your home’s insulation criteria.
  • The day for attic retrofit has come, but you have a problem with old insulation in your attic. It is a readily solved problem, we come with a vacuum to remove it before we install the blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation.


The top attic insulation product manufactured in North America comes from Owens Corning. They make EcoTouch Pink fibreglass insulation, used by many contractors because it carries its density for a long period of time, and is green – over 70-per-cent recycled glass. Owens Corning developed fibreglass 70 years ago and has refined the product to what is today, the best.

We have used Owens Corning for many years and they have witnessed our commitment to the roofing and insulation industry, and have come to respect our work.

Owens Corning certified our company as a Platinum Preferred Contractor, the only certification awarded to a Canadian company. Our company has been in operation for 60 years and our craftsmanship and quality have been the driving force behind our longevity. Also, a family committed to providing excellent results – three generations strong – is our greatest asset.

In the home of Canadian Forces Base Borden, townspeople in Angus know they can count on AM Roofing Solutions for their insulation and roofing work. Call in today at 1.705.735.9515 for a free quote and inspection for your insulation needs.

Attic insulation in Angus

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