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Snow and ice is not so nice on your roof

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Living in Canada, we experience all four seasons that Mother Nature has to offer in all her splendor. From the first signs of green grass and leaves on the trees in the spring, to the warmth that summer sunshine brings to the colours of autumn, we can enjoy all that the seasons bring. Then, without warning, Old Man Winter rises from his three seasons nap and brings us snow, ice and frigid temperatures that keep most of us house bound for the better part of three months. The storms that Old Man Winter brings wreaks havoc on our roads, can cause power outages and creates a general malaise that is the product of the winter blues.

Snow accumulating on our roads and sidewalks cause commuting tie-ups and accidents due to poor road conditions and in general slow the flow of traffic. When snow accumulates on the ground, there is a better than good chance that snow is accumulating on your roof, and the extra stress it creates on your roofing system can’t be ignored. Also, if you have poor attic insulation and ventilation, ice dams can form at your eavestroughs and hang down from your fascia creating more potential damage for your roofing system.

Roof icing doesn’t occur without snow, so it is imperative to remove snow from your roof as quickly as possible, and this will prevent damage to your roofing system and eliminate any potential leaks for your home.

There are many solutions to snow removal from your roof, but some are not as good as others, but it is important to remain vigilant nevertheless. As a rule of thumb to prevent ice dams from accumulating on your roof, every time you receive 15cms or more of snow on roof you should remove to limit the potential for ice dams. Also, it is important to look at local weather forecasts when determining if you should remove the snow on your roof. If temperatures are forecast to be above freezing for a couple of days after a snowfall of 15cms or more, you can probably get by without removing the snow. But, when temperatures will be below freezing and more snow is forecast, getting the old snow off the roof is important.

A couple of layman techniques for removing snow from the roof revolve around garden tools. One solution is to rake your roof to remove unwanted snow and the other method is to shovel off your roof. It isn’t the greatest idea to get up on your roof in the middle of winter to shovel off your roof due to the risks that are present. Falling off an icy roof is one of many injuries that can befall a homeowner who is trying to protect his investment.

At AM Roofing Solutions we have over 60 years in the roofing business and we are a four-seasons roofing company that has worked on many roofs during inclement weather.

We can help protect your roofing system through our winter roofing maintenance package that will have us come to your home after an intense snowfall and remove all the unwanted snow from your roofing system.

For a no-obligation consultation and free estimate for your winter roofing needs, call us at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.289.6900.

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dan paterson

I liked reading you blog on how to remove the snow from your roofs

Danny Weis

We live in Markdale and have a lot of ice/snow and ice dams on the roof. We now have had 3 leaks inside. One required us to open up the ceiling to inspect. I believe water is getting in behind fascia and sideboards. We just bought this home 2 months ago and we are pretty worried and horrified. Can you come here tomorrow and get rid of the ice dams and snow? We need help. Thank you for your time. Danny

The Roofers

Hii...This is very helpful blog.You mentioned all the points that is helpful to increase the life of roof.You mentioned all this points that how snow and ice is not good for roof.Thank you for this information.

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