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Roof Repair in Sarnia

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A roof repair in Sarnia is as simple as calling the premier roofing company in Central Southwestern Ontario and that company is AM Roofing Solutions. We are a family-owned and operated business that has over 50 years in business and part of our expertise is roof repair in Sarnia.

Our commitment to providing our customers with quality workmanship and a high standard of excellence in roof repair in Sarnia has catapulted us to the top of the roofing ladder leaving the competition looking up. As a four-seasons roofing solutions-company, we are professionally trained and fully certified for challenges that a roof repair in Sarnia could pose for a roofing company.

Signs that you might need a roof repair are clawing or curling shingles, bare spots or missing granules on the shingles, split shingles or missing shingles, shingles that have started to buckle or damage to the flashing.

When shingles curl, they are sign of age and they are absorbing excessive heat, is they are they are vulnerable to lifting in the wind and damage from ice.

A poorly designed drainage system, no evavestrough or badly position downspouts creates a waterfall effect on the roof and over time, the water washes away the granules on the shingles. Losing granules from the shingles will accelerate the aging process of your roof and cause premature damage to the roofing system.

If shingles are missing or broken, the shingles ability to run water away from the roof is greatly diminished and it creates an entry point for water to get under the roof’s skin.

When shingles are buckling it is a sure sign of age or badly installed underlay that could be wet. When the shingles buckle they lift, when they start to lift the wind becomes your enemy as it exacerbates the problem over time. AS the buckling becomes more pronounced, water can accumulate in the open space and when it freezes it causes further damage.

Flashing damage occurs when caulking around seals for skylights, valleys, eavestroughs, and wall details is compromised through shrinkage. Also, the flashing is made from aluminum and expands and contracts when heated or cooled causing hardware to loosen and the flashing to lift.

If you have noticed any or a combination of the aforementioned roofing problems, when calling a roofing contractor to make a roof repair in Sarnia, it is best to shop local.

When shopping around for roofing contractor there are six core questions that should be answered be any money changes hands.

Shop local and use a roofing contractor that has a presence in the community, not just working in the community.

Ask potential contractors if they carry WSIB and liability insurance in case of injury or accident that could transpire when a roofing repair is being effected.

Remember that price isn’t everything when choosing a roofing solution. A reputable roofing company will not provide a price to good to be true, they have overhead as a legitimate business and it is built into the cost of the job.

When a roofing contractor assesses your roofing problems, he should provide an estimate with all the details that are involved with completing the job in writing.

Having strong lines of communications is paramount when choosing a roofing contractor. Did they return your calls promptly, were they able to allay your concerns, did they explain the nature of the work and how it would be accomplished. If you answered no to any of these questions, it might be time to look at a different contractor.

Last but not least when choosing a roofing contractor, avoid storm chasers. They will cold call you and tell you have roof damage and a repair or replacement roof might be needed right away to save your home. They will pressure you to sign a letter of intent and everything goes downhill from there. Look around your neighbourhood to see if there are referral signs from roofing companies on your neighbour’s lawns and ask them about the services they received.

AM Roofing Solutions meets and exceeds the criteria when choosing a roofing contractor and no roof repair in Sarnia is too big or too small for them to complete.

For a roof repair in Sarnia, contact AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900 for a no cost, no obligation estimate. A 10-year workmanship warranty is included in all roof repairs in Sarnia.

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