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Roof leaks, no problem for AM Roofing Solutions

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The first line of defense in protecting our home is our roof. It is exposed to the elements of the four seasons and many problems can occur if your roofing system isn’t functioning properly.

If the system is functioning with all areas working at peak performance a roofing system will keep you warm and dry all year round and help control heating and cooling costs as an added bonus.

But when the roofing system is failing, or is old or weathered common roofing problems can creep up that if left unchecked can create catastrophic costs when a roof has to be replaced.

Common roofing problems to avoid:

  • Hiring the wrong contractor. Reputable roofing companies are licensed, certified and qualified to do the work that your roof requires.
  • Inadequate or poor attic insulation and ventilation is a big cause for roofing systems to fail or prematurely age causing replacement. Heat build-up in the attic cause the shingles on the outside of your roof to heat up and cool down causing the granules on the shingles to loosen reducing your shingles ability to protect the roof from UV rays. When the granules disappear the shingles start to harden and the protective oils in the shingles dry up. In the winter, a build up of condensation in the attic can cause mould and mildew to proliferate on the beams and decking on the inside of the roof creating wood rot. Ventilation and insulation can provide airflow and temperature stability to prevent this problem from transpiring.
  • The roof flashing around chimneys, plumbing stacks, dormers and skylights is important to prevent leaks in these areas. Flashing is made of aluminum and it expands and contracts as the temperature changes and it is a key element in running water away from the vulnerable areas so it is imperative that the flashing is installed correctly or problems will begin immediately.
  • A leaky roof is a pesky problem that can cause damage to the structure of your home and it is all too common for many homeowners. Common causes of roof leaks are insufficient underlay, lack of ventilation, ice dam build up around the eavestroughs, and shoddy workmanship. Clues that your roof might be leaking are stained rafters, a sagging roof that is visible from outside or stains in your garage if it is attached to your roof. If you notice any of these symptoms call a professional right away to prevent further deterioration.
  • Rotting roof decking can turn a roof repair or replacement into a huge cash out lay, as it is the single most important component to a stable roofing system. The decking is what supports the shingles as they are nailed to the decking supporting that is part of the roofing system. The decking are sheets of plywood that must be clean and dry and properly attached to the rafters. There are three common causes for rotting roof decking are: moisture has leaked in from the outside, improper ventilation and moisture being trapped inside the attic during seasonal conditions.
  • Buckling shingles are a sign of bigger problems under the shingle layer and will tell you that moisture is somehow accumulated under the shingle surface. The underlying wood surface expands and contracts as moisture builds up or dries out and it causes the shingles to change dimensions as the underlying wood changes shape. Rows of shingles will lift exposing the underside of the roof to the elements creating leaks.
  • Even the best materials wear over time and shingles will degrade with exposure to the elements. Over time shingles expand and contract in response to weather conditions, those conditions can cause shingles to lose their effectiveness as they start to erode. Regular roof inspections can help prevent potential damage with small repairs when problems are detected.

For the past 50 years AM Roofing Solutions has been correcting leaky roofing problems and they have a solution for any and all problems that a homeowner is liable to encounter. Call us today at 1.877.281.6900 and have one of premier roofing companies in Ontario provide the professional expertise to solve your roofing problem.

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