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Roof Flashings Replacement

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Roofing problems come at a time when we least expect them; a schedule for repairs is seldom a place to write a schedule, the repairs take place in their own time. As a system, a roof incorporates many different systems that it needs to do the job of protecting your family. Shingles are front and centre when it comes to the job a roof will do for a home, it keeps rainwater out of the house and helps it drain water to the ground. Another system that your home’s roofing system needs to operate is the flashings and if you are spending a large amount of money on a roof repair, let’s not forget the flashings are extremely important. At that point, when you know you need to spend money on the roof, call us at AM Roofing Solutions for the work your home needs to function an optimal way. The flashing on your roof acts like an insulator, it covers breaks in walls and seams in the construction of your home and it prevents water from leaking into your attic or walls. There are common spots where flashing is installed, like around your chimney, vents, pipes or drains that protrude above your roof’s surface. As a protective sheathing, it is replaced any time a roof repair is required. The flashing is relatively inexpensive in relation to the protection it brings and should never be ignored when a roof repair is required.

Types of flashing

•    The most common flashing is drip edge flashing and it comes in two different types that can be installed on your roof. First, the most common type of drip edge flashing is installed to protect the gutter edge of any roof. The second type of drip edge flashing is to protect the roof rake edge of the roof. Flashing is installed before the shingles and it is used primarily to help channel water away from the fascia on your roof. In all cases, any roofing contractor working on your roofing problems will recommend that the flashing be replaced – the only case it may not be replaced is if it new. If it is new, your roofing system has bigger problems when you are having work done on your roof if the flashing is in good shape.

•    Gutter flashing is another flashing product that is used for roof protection. It should be replaced when shingles are being replaced. You may some type of decorative items on your roof that are affixed to the roof with screws or spikes to hold them in place. If that is the case, you should think long and hard about replacing the gutter flashing, it is overlaid on the drip edge flashing to provide a protective waterproof seal on your roofing system.

•    Penetration flashing is installed to complement other systems that are installed in your home. Air conditioning, plumbing vent pipes, and other systems that are inserted on top the roof structure will have rubber boots wrapped around them. When you get a roof repair or replacement, it is an ideal time to replace the rubber boots and if you want to go one better get the boots that are made of metal flashing. It will prevent in future problems that come with rubber that is degrading in the weather above your home. All heating and ventilation chambers need some type of flashing attached to them to prevent water leaks and it isn’t something that should be underestimated.

•    Your roof’s valleys move water – the valley is installed when two areas of the roof intersect – when they do, a channel is created to drain water to the eavestrough. To keep water out of your home, a valley flashing is the best way to keep water moving and keep it out of your home through leaks in the valley.

•    Another type of flashing that needs to be installed on your home is vertical wall flashing. It is installed when two walls meet – like a chimney a dormer or a split-level roof is joined together. This flashing should be replaced whenever you have any type of roofing work done to your home. Certainly, the vertical wall flashing should be grouted at the joints of the brickwork, but it is integral to the operation of a dry roofing system – don’t hesitate to replace it when necessary.

We welcome all inquiries at our company, AM Roofing Solutions, and we would like to educate you on the needs of your roofing system. After more than 60-years service in the roofing business, we have climbed to the top of the roofing world with quality workmanship and excellent results. Part of the quality we provide comes from a warranty, our warranty for labour is for a 10-year period and it is a trailblazer in the roofing business.

Don’t wait to contact us when you see you have flashing problems on your roof. We have a free inspection, no-cost meeting and free estimate waiting for you when you call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

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