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Regulating Temperatures

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regulating temperatureFor many homeowners the costs of running a home are excessive, it is the price to be paid for homeownership, but it does come with benefits. An investment you made 10-years ago is growing in equity and that is a good thing. But the cost that is related to running a home, like energy costs is growing faster than your ability to meet the demands of the prices. Certainly, prices are being driven by climate initiatives that government of all political stripes is taking to prevent environmental destabilization – but it doesn’t change the fact that prices are increasing. Wages have stagnated and homeowners are finding themselves left behind. Too, when thinking about the demand for climate control in your home, you need to look at the systems that are providing them. A furnace that isn’t as efficient as it could because it is an older model will require more energy to operate. An A/C system that is working harder because you lack adequate insulation in your attic creates a two-fold problem. Combine those problems with poor windows and doors that don’t provide solid seals to keep the weather out via heat of cooling leaks of drafts from outside. We mentioned attic insulation as a means to help protect a homeowner’s energy-efficiency, but your roofing system needs help also. Shingles that are less than a 100 per cent – meaning cracks, curled or chipped – will allow energy to leak out of your home. Heat rises, that is science and in order to prevent the problem from destabilizing your internal temperatures, you need to take some action to help with an improved seal for your home to keep your hard earned dollars from going up in smoke. At AM Roofing Solutions we have been assisting homeowners to reduce their energy consumption with quality roofing solutions that prevent energy loss through upgrades to your current roofing system. If your roofing system is 10-years old or more, it might be time to think in terms of a replacement and when you think about it only makes sense. When we replace the roof, the costs will be big, but let’s look at in terms of two things. First, the cost shouldn’t scare you – it isn’t about what the cost is but what the results will be, another factor to consider is the savings you will enjoy through a reduction in energy use and how it will defray the initial investment. Once you engage with our company, we can advise you of a product to assist in energy conservation for your roof and that is roofing insulation. It is a layer that we install between the shingles and decking and underlay that acts as a protective blanket for your home that works with your loose fill, blown in attic insulation. You might think that is an easy installation that a DIY solution can provide if you decide to replace your roof yourself. To obtain the best results of roofing insulation, you need a qualified contractor – like us at AM – who has installed roofing installation in the past. If you install the insulation yourself, you could be doing more harm than good, insulation needs some air pockets to work best – that means insulation installed to a certain level of density. If you install too much insulation, you won’t get the performance you need form the insulation. Insulation needs air pockets scattered throughout the fibres and it is the air pockets that provide the valuable insulation your roofing system needs.


Factors that determine the quality of roofing insulation

•    Insulation comes down to R-value – R-value is defined as the capacity of insulation to resist heat flow. The greater the R-value the greater the ability of the insulation to provide the coverage that your home needs to keep energy in and drafts out to keep energy bills to a minimum.

•    To get an idea of how R-value is calculated, you need to take into consideration the material that the insulation is made from. The most common product is fibreglass and it performs above and beyond other products like rock wool when looking at heating and cooling needs.

•    Something else that a homeowner needs to think about is how thick do you want your insulation to be. Let’s remember, with insulation, more is always better. If you double the amount of insulation that is required, you are doubling the R-value that your home will enjoy. Sure, cost is always a consideration, but as mentioned previously costs can be recovered in savings over time. One more thing, if you decide to sell your home after the work has been completed it will increase the price you can ask because your home holds a high degree of energy efficiency.


Roofing material, types to choose from

Roofing insulation comes in three different types that all perform, but the value is somewhat different when it comes to energy-efficiency and cost savings for a homeowner.

Foam board insulation is a product that is made of firm panels – it has good R-value but it needs a 1.25cm piece of drywall to cover the insulation for fire safety. Blanket bats and tolls can be a solution should you choose it. It is made from mineral wool or other materials and it is inexpensive. Remember though, you only get what you pay for and if going with an inexpensive solution is what you think is best, you will lose on the savings. The last roofing insulation product you can buy is loose fill insulation. It is blown into open spaces and provides the best R-value for the money based on many studies in energy-efficiency. To get optimal results a professional installation should be in order to get the volume right that produces the best density level for your needs.

When you hire us to provide the roofing system you need, you can add roofing insulation to the package to relieve your home’s budget form sky-high energy costs. The loose fill, blown-in, fibreglass insulation product we will install comes from Owens Corning. They are the industry leader in insulation and have 70-years of experience providing excellent products for the market. Owens Corning invented insulation all those years ago and it has been a product that revolutionized the insulation business. Our relationship with Owens Corning goes back many years. We are a certified as a Platinum Preferred Contractor for Owens Corning products, and it is a certification that no other company in Ontario holds.

When you want to reduce your energy through an investment in your roofing system, make contact with us at AM Roofing Solutions. We will come to your home to provide a free inspection, no-obligation meet, and free estimate when you call us today at 1.877.281.6900

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