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How to Pay For a New Roofing System

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From time to time we all face financial pressures, big and small that can impact our financial security and those headwinds that come are the expectation rather than the exception. Putting some money aside to face the challenges of the 21st century is prudent decision-making that we are all engaged in in some form or another. Savings accounts and investments offer protection from the financial injury when unexpected expenses arise. Whether it is a major car repair, braces for one of our children, or replacing a major appliance can cause minor financial destabilization for a short time as we restructure our finances to meet the new realities.

But what happens if you need a new roof?

You see your shingles are starting to curl and crack, you spot water damage on the fascia or there are water stains in your attic, you know then that a replacement roofing system is a definite must to protect the investment you know as your family home.

A replacement roofing system can be an expensive proposition if it has outlived the life span it was designed for or the damage caused by falling components of the roofing system can add to the costs, as repairs to the roof will need to be addressed before a surface cover to the roof can be applied.

Your tax return isn’t due for months, your savings as temporarily tapped out and your savings investments come with stiff financial penalties that prevent early access to the money you need to help pay for a new roofing system.

At AM Roofing Solutions we have been replacing roofing systems for the past 60 years with top of the line materials and expert installers with years of experience delivering quality workmanship and roofing systems that stand the test of time.

Over the years we have worked with our customers on the financial side of a roof replacement and recently we have partnered withHome Trust, one of the country’s foremost equity lenders to assist our customers who are cash poor but equity rich get the roofing system they need when they need it. Nipping roofing problems in the bud can save thousands of dollars in the long run and increase the value of your home with a new roofing system.

Taking a roof replacement purchase and financing it over a period of years may sound a strange at first blush, but when you look at the facts, it tells a different story. A quality roofing system installed by AM Roofing Solutions can last 20 years or more depending on the materials used to cover the roof. We provide a 10-year workmanship warranty with all our roof replacements that demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

Taking an expense that you can finance over a few years can be a low-cost investment in maintaining your roof. Paying down a loan or a line of credit obtained through Home Trust will provide financial stability through cost certainty and a path toward debt repayment.

After we visit your home for no obligation, free written estimate, we can direct you to our friends at Home Trust to start the process of obtaining the necessary financing to purchase your roof replacement. When the financing is in place we will attend your home and provide the services that are contained in our written estimate and replace your roofing system with an appropriate roofing system that will protect your home and last for many years if properly maintained. When replacing a roof, it never about the price, it is about the protection the new roofing system affords your property and the piece of mind it provides you when it is installed.

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