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Factors That Influence a Roof Repair Estimate

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In our home, there are many systems that govern its’ operation – from the electrical system to bring light, water for our plumbing system and natural gas to keep heat and cool functions operational to meet the climate-controlled needs of the occupants of the home. When the systems are working in harmony a family lives a nice comfortable life with the elements in check to keep the cozy confines of your home cozy. But without a functioning roofing system, all those other systems mean virtually nothing. A roofing system, apart from keeping the weather at bay, offers important structural support to the building and that can’t be discounted when you think of your roofing system.

When you need roofing work, the first thing you should know is it is never about the costs – while significant – shouldn’t be the driver of the project. It should always be about what the roof repair will do to protect your home and family from the weather and how the structure will continue to work to keep your home solid and upright. There are many factors that go into to pricing a roof repair job that aligns with the seasons, type of roof, and the type of repairs or replacement roofing you need to satisfy the requirements of your potential repair or replacement roof.

When you recognize that you have problems on the roof of your home, contact us for at AM Roofing Solutions for a consultation that can lead to a quality roof repair or replacement for your home. We can make you aware of the factors that are involved in your roof repair estimate and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

The Roof Type

There are many different styles and types of roofs that can be applied to a home and they come with specific repair requirements that can affect your estimate. Common varieties of roofs are flat roofs, hippie roofs, and gabled roofs that are made of different materials. You can have a metal roof, a roof with asphalt shingles or composite materials and they all come with different costs to repair them. The sliding scale can be as high as $10 per square foot, or as little as $1 per square foot depending on materials that will be installed. It is important to maintain consistency in roofing products to keep your home’s design consistent with the products that are installed.

Local Bylaws and Regulations

Municipal governments regulate home renovations and construction work that occur on residential properties and that means permits will be needed to complete your roof repair or replacement. Costs will vary depending on the municipality, sometimes the costs can be a flat rate for a permit, other times the costs are contingent on the size of the roof that needs work.

Size of the Roof Will Drive the Costs

Certainly, a smaller roof will be relatively inexpensive when it comes time for an estimate for a repair. Two factors that drive the estimate for a roof repair is the size of the roof and the type of the repair your roof needs to bring it back to excellent condition. When thinking in terms of costs for a repair for your roof, bear in mind that a roofing contractor will quote a price based on square footage for the repair. That means smaller roofing problems are less expensive than larger ones it only makes sense.

How bad is the damage?

Small leaks that are localized on your roofing system will be less expensive than a repair that will cover the entire circumference of your roofing system. If you need an update to your drip seals it could be just a few bucks and a little bit of labour to get the flashing replaced. But, you must remember that what you see may not be the total extent of the damage on the roof. Until a contractor can investigate, you don’t know how bad your leaks may be and that will drive the price higher when more work is required to correct the problem. It is incumbent on a contractor to remove all damaged roofing materials, if not you haven’t corrected the problem, you have kicked the can down the road and will be forced to absorb another costly roof repair.

Fixtures drive costs higher

A roofing system that contains chimneys, skylights or vents will cost more to repair if damage has been done to them. Brickwork can fail, caulking around a skylight can shrink and permit leaks and vents can fail when left for too many years to withstand the weather. These little things add to the cost of your estimate and it is something that you can’t avoid when you want to retrofit your roof or replace the surface altogether.

When we attend your home to provide the estimate you need to make the right decision for your home and family, we will tell you about the factors that make up your estimate and why they are important. For the past 60-years, we have been working with our customer base to educate them about the cost of a roofing repair or replacement and why it is important for their home.

When we conclude the estimate process and deliver on the promise for quality workmanship, we will issue a 10-year warranty to complete the process for your roof’s reinvigoration.

Make contact with us when you need roofing work and we can send out one of our team members to provide good counsel. For a free estimate to detail your needs, a no-cost meeting to outline your future needs and a free inspection call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

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