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Skylights can impact energy use and efficiency

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The sun is a source of an essential vitamin – vitamin D – it is a source of rejuvenation and provides a person with a sense of happiness because they are basking in the warm glow that the sun is. It has been determined by science that a healthy dose of sunshine every day is good for one’s health and is a mood enhancer. Consequently, homeowners have been seeking ways to add more natural light in their homes and that has created a demand for skylights, sun tunnels, and roof windows to let the sunshine in. Another facet of natural light it gives off an air that the room you are in is bigger than it actually is – no small feat to be sure, but the sun can play tricks on the eyes and it is a subtle benefit of the light drenching a room. When you have decided that an upgrade for your roofing system that involves the insertion of a window or skylight is what you want to improve the quality of life, call us at AM Roofing Solutions to complete the task at hand. We have many years experience updating roofing systems to add natural light for a homeowner and we have many different products that we can install to improve your light situation. A skylight is a window installed on your roof, in simplest terms, and the enriched health that a homeowner will enjoy comes with many benefits.

Opening your roofing system to let the sunshine in

•    Energy-efficiency allows a homeowner to reduce energy costs when installing a skylight.

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•    A skylight will accentuate a hallway of a dark corner of your home and create the kind of curb appeal that was lacking before the installation of the skylight.

•    To get airflow in your home a skylight provides an excellent source of ventilation as it can be opened to let fresh air in.

•    When defused sunlight is let in through a skylight it creates a warm and comfortable environment for a homeowner

•    In the evenings, a starry night can be enjoyed without leaving the comfort of the den – all you need to do is look through the skylight to enjoy the dazzling display of stars.

•    Sunlight that comes through the top of the house is unobstructed and creates a better line of sunshine than through vertical windows.

In order to enjoy the maximum benefits of your skylight, a professional installation will be required. Some details to pay attention to when your installer is installing your skylight, they need to seal it properly to prevent leaks – water or air – and placement of the skylight is paramount to achieving natural light goals also. The process begins when you establish your roof’s position to the sun and how you wish to use the positioning to get natural light in your home.

If you have a north-facing roof, your light factor will be prevalent in the spring and early summer. It can be a great site for cool daylight to enter your home adding an element of coolness to the rooms where the skylights are installed.

An east-facing slope will provide the maximum amount of light in any room and the solar heat release comes in the morning hours to refresh the room. A south-facing skylight gives a room passive heat from the sun and it comes mostly in the winter months. If the skylight isn’t shaded the summer will be warm as heat gain through a south-facing skylight can be acute. A west-facing skylight is heat intensive with a great deal of sunlight emanating into the home in the afternoons. To combat some of the problems that intense sunlight creates, a homeowner can look at a series of options to help them ward off the unwanted effects of sunlight. Look at energy-efficiency ratings, ultraviolet coating, ventilation to release heat, and remote controlled shades or blinds to help screen off the unwanted rays when the sun is intense.

At AM Roofing Solutions we install skylights and other roofing products expertly so you can avoid leaks – it comes down to the work we do in the area of installation that provides best results. It starts with the skylight’s compatibility with your roof – the pitch – making sure that the skylight is properly caulked, the right skylight is installed for the right situation with the proper flashing to marry the skylight to the roof.

Products we can install for you

•    Skylights come in four different models to choose from and you can’t go wrong with any choice you make. A solar-powered skylight absorbs daylight and charges a battery that operates the window. It opens and closes the skylight and it eliminates electrical wiring when it is installed. The electric-venting skylight is installed for overhead applications and allows a great deal of daylight in. It comes with a sensor if you forget to shut the skylight when it rains – it is a set it and forget it accent for your roof. Manual-venting skylights offer a great balance for moisture in your home and it provides a great opening for a large amount of sunlight to radiate into any room. A fixed skylight is an excellent addition in a hallway or a stairwell – it lets in a good deal of sunlight and brightens any hallway it is installed in.

•    There are two types of sun tunnels available for installation, a fixed tunnel, and flexible tunnel. A rigid sun tunnel affords a homeowner with quick installation, no changes to the roofing system, and bright, reflected daylight. A flexible tunnel is easily installed and versatile to make its way around obstacles on the roof or in the attic.

•    A top-hinged roof window is a nice accent for any home. It will create an increase of natural light, improved views and ventilation, and the crank is easy to reach when you want to open the window. Centre-pivoting windows are a custom order; it is easy to open and is a great accent for rooms with plenty of humidity like a kitchen.  A roof access window is excellent if you need to get to the roof for a repair, a locking device will keep the window open when you want ventilation and can be installed in a left or right-hinged access. If you add a balcony to your home and you want a window to accent it then the balcony roof window is for you. Extra daylight, fresh air, and direct access to the outdoors are what this window will provide and is it excellent for increased sunlight on the balcony.

At AM Roofing Solutions we have over 60 years of experience assisting our customers make the right choice for skylights and windows for their roofing systems. We have a great deal of expertise matching skylights and windows to the applications our homeowner’s need and when we finish our work a 10-year warranty completes our business deal.

To get the best products and services for your home when you upgrade with a skylight or window, contact us at AM Roofing Solutions. We can provide any homeowner with a no-cost consultation, a free estimate, and roof inspection when they call us today at 1.877.281.6900.   


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