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How Eavestroughs Work To Protect A Home

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Eavestroughs and rain gutters are one in the same, just a different term. It’s here in Canada we call them eavestroughs. The eavestrough system is designed to control and redirect rainwater and melted snow from the roof down and away from the home. As the word itself describes, they’re “troughs” at the edge of the roof’s “eaves”.

Why is it important to redirect water away from the home?

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There are a number of reasons to be concerned about the flow of water in and around the base of home. It’s very important to keep excessive water from seeping into the home’s foundation. If the exterior foundation is allowed become saturated by water, then it will expand when wet and contract when dry. This makes the foundation very vulnerable to cracking. After a period of time, with cracking, the next stage is water permeation into the home’s lower level. This could be in the form of condensation, basement dampness, or even flooding. This is definitely a real concern during heavy rain or snowfalls that are immediately followed by a thaw. Also, without a proper eavestroughing system, soil erosion could occur with the continuous water falling closely beside the home. The soil will also splash up and will cause damage to the home’s exterior, such as water staining. This could turn into a rust problem on homes with metal siding. For wood framed homes, standing water accumulation will attract insects, and in particular dreaded termites.

What type of eavestrough works best?

Today, eavestroughs can be purchased at local big box hardware and building supply stores. This style comes in the form of smaller segments that require attachment to each other. These “seamed” eavestroughs are the go-to style for the DIY’er seeking a means of cutting costs. Many segments are required to complete a home’s roof. Because of their low cost for each piece, it may appear that it’s a way to save money. The fact is segmented eavestroughs are smaller in size and of much lower quality, making them less durable and giving them a much shorter lifespan. They’re also more vulnerable to leaks and breakages in the exact spots where they’re seamed together. Conversely, professionals that install eavestroughs use what is called “seamless” eavestroughs. They are formed and shaped on site and create a custom seamless fit. They are also larger in size than the segmented ones and are made with a higher gauge of metal. They’re a superior product and made to perform well and to last. Using a professional roofing specialist to supply and install your home’s new eavestroughing system is a homeowner’s best investment. The job is done right, the home is protected, and there is peace of mind. At AM Roofing Solutions, our eavestrough technicians are experienced and professionally trained. We’re so confident in our ability to create a high-functioning eavestrough system for your home that we have a 5-year workmanship warranty. For a free estimate, reach out and contact us today. We’re here to help.

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