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Asphalt shingles have come a long way

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asphalt shinglesWhen you have a new roof installed, the process hasn’t changed much in 200 or so years, you get the covering and nail it down to the decking and underlay and viola, you have a new, shingled roof. In the old days, roofing shingles were made of wood – science hadn’t advanced to the point where man-made substances were the product du jour. As we became more sophisticated, our attention turned to other substances to make shingles out of and the earliest products were asphalt. It afforded better protection for a roofing system and was extremely watertight – water would bead and move across asphalt shingles that had granules installed on them to move water expertly.

To this day, asphalt shingles are the choice of many contractors and homeowners for their versatility and excellent work in keeping a home dry and comfortable. The advances in shingle development have provided a market for shingles that have beauty, quality, and performance, and when you need those three elements for your roofing system, you should know we have them for you at AM Roofing Solutions. Our company has an established reputation installing the best product in the industry has to provide and our workmanship is without a peer in our industry.


Beautiful shingles, why you want them

Your roof is the curb appeal that your home holds and a roofing system is approximately 40 per cent of your home’s profile so you want it to be the accent that defines your character. To get the best results when installing a roof, you want the shingles to play off your home’s design and colour scheme, blending your shingles with the design is what makes your home a thing of beauty and the industry has responded with colours and styles to compliment your home.


Quality materials are the difference between an excellent installation and a poor one

A roof’s profile is what you see; quality materials are what you feel you in your home. The strength of an asphalt shingle comes from its construction. It is made with a fibreglass mat that the asphalt is bonded to and that is where the quality originates. You know you have a great shingle when you can feel the weight of the shingle and see the size that eclipses other shingles on the market


Performance is job one for shingles

Apart from the decorative aspect of the shingles your home needs, you need something else and that is performance form your shingles. Severe weather events can be catastrophic for a roofing system and if you aren’t getting the performance you paid for form substandard shingles, the damage will be felt by the roofing system. Leaks or areas where the shingles have come away from the roof will let water flow into your roof and create mold problems in the attic or destroy the decking between the attic and the roof.

When you purchase a roof repair or installation from us at AM Roofing Solutions, you will receive the best shingles on the market hands down. We deal exclusively with Owens Corning for our shingles and they have a host of products to protect your home that will be stylish, colourful and most important a protective shield for your home. Our relationship with Owens Corning goes back many years and our work has earned our company the Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor certification, and we a one a few companies that enjoy that certification.


Owens Corning shingles, buy the best forget the rest

•    TruDefintion, Duration, Designer shingles come in designer colours that can be customized to meet the décor of your home. They come with a limited lifetime warranty and a 10-year Tru PROtection insurance – it lasts as long as the homeowner owns their home. The design is billed as intense and vibrant, the shingles will withstand 200km per hour winds, algae resistance is rated for 10-years and the shingles are laminated.

•    TruDefinition, Duration shingles are a product that has great appeal for a homeowner. They come with the same limited lifetime warranty that is complemented with the 10-year PROtection coverage for the duration that a homeowner owns their home. The colours the shingles come in are bold in contrast and deep in dimension. They are rated for 200km per hour winds, have the same 10-year algae protection and are laminated also.

•    The Berkshire Collection of shingles looks like slate shingles and that is the key feature for this collection of shingles. The warranty is exactly the same as the TruDefintion products, limited lifetime warranty, 10-year Tru PROtection coverage for as long as the homeowner holds title on the property. As mentioned they look like slate shingles, will withstand up 200km per hour winds, have algae resistance for 15-years and they are laminated too.

•    Oakridge shingles are another great product that Owens Corning makes and they have the standard warranty benefits that they come with all Owens Corning materials. A limited lifetime warranty, 10-year Tru Protection coverage is the foundation of the warranty for as long as the homeowner owns his property. The shingles are described as warm and inviting, they will withstand up to 20km per hour winds, are covered for algae problems for 10-years and another laminated shingle produced by Owens Corning.

•    The Supreme shingles is another product that is quite popular among homeowners that are manufactured by Owens Corning. It holds warranty benefits that encompass a 25-year limited warranty that works with a five-year term of Tru PROtection coverage for as long as the homeowner retains the title of the property. Smooth lines and sharp corners are what make this shingle stand out, it will withstand 100km per hour winds, is rated for 10-years for algae protection and is laminated.  


We have provided quality roofing solutions for homeowners for over 60-years and we install Owens Corning products on every job we do. For our part, we issue a 10-year warranty for our workmanship to dovetail; the Owens Corning warranty, and it is a good combination for every homeowner who needs the protection a solid for their roofing systems.

Make arrangements with us to discuss your shingle needs and we can show the excellent line or products that come from Owens Corning that will meet your design needs. We can offer you a free meeting, a free estimate and free roofing inspection when you call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900. 

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