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What You Need to Know Before Installing a Skylight

Posted on Jul 18, 2017

So, you’re considering a skylight installation? In todays environmentally conscious society, many homeowners are searching for ways to reduce their environmental footprint, while also keeping more money in their pockets. Not only will a quality skylight installation help to reduce the cost of your energy bills, by allowing you to take...

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Understanding Your Roof's Lifespan

Posted on May 08, 2017

The lifespan of your roofing system, is largely dependent on the type of material that has been used, how it was installed, and how often it is maintained. The lifespan of a flat roof for example, varies significantly depending on which application was used, same goes for a sloped roof. Also, calculating a roofs average lifespan is generally done...

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What is More Expensive: Roof repair or Changing a Roof?

Posted on Mar 01, 2017

Making the right decision about your roofing system ensures optimal performance of your home’s comfort as well as security. It also gives you total peace of mind. In fact, making a good decision is the key to minimizing costs related to big home improvement projects, such as roofing. So, what is more expensive: roof repair or changing a roof?...

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Energy Efficient Homes

Posted on Feb 06, 2017

Simply stated, an energy efficient residential home or building structure is one that efficiently controls the flow of heat, air, and moisture that is coming in and out of the structure.  A home is very much a “system” - multiple components that interact with each other, and contribute to the overall indoor environment.  As...

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Snow and ice is not so nice on your roof

Posted on Nov 01, 2016

Living in Canada, we experience all four seasons that Mother Nature has to offer in all her splendor. From the first signs of green grass and leaves on the trees in the spring, to the warmth that summer sunshine brings to the colours of autumn, we can enjoy all that the seasons bring. Then, without warning, Old Man Winter rises from his three...

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