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Attic Insulation

Regulating Temperatures

Posted on Jul 30, 2018

For many homeowners the costs of running a home are excessive, it is the price to be paid for homeownership, but it does come with benefits. An investment you made 10-years ago is growing in equity and that is a good thing. But the cost that is related to running a home, like energy costs is growing faster than your ability to meet the demands of...

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Energy Efficient Homes

Posted on Feb 06, 2017

Simply stated, an energy efficient residential home or building structure is one that efficiently controls the flow of heat, air, and moisture that is coming in and out of the structure.  A home is very much a “system” - multiple components that interact with each other, and contribute to the overall indoor environment.  As...

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Ventilation and Insulation a Home’s Sword and Shield

Posted on Oct 12, 2016

To protect our homes and the residents who reside in them, it is important to have sufficient attic insulation and ventilation present in your attic. The attic, for most people is an afterthought because they seldom use it and any time they are in it, it’s for a short amount of time. Attics are often overlooked by the homeowner, but it plays...

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Conservation Pays

Posted on Aug 29, 2016

The most important upgrades we make to our homes are the ones that pay dividends. And no more so than creating an energy-efficient home that will save money in the long run and add value to the equity we are building in our homes. Our friends at Union Gas have a unique plan for ‘energy smart upgrades’ that could help defray the...

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Attic insulation

Posted on Jun 16, 2016

Experts say that over 40 per cent of a home’s heat loss is directly related to the roof and more specifically the attic. Attic insulation plays a major role in your roofing system; poorly installed insulation or not enough insulation won’t keep your home warm in the winter or cool in the summer. To obtain peak energy efficiency for...

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