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At AM Roofing Solutions our business is roof repair and replacement, but our greatest strength is the team of skilled people we employ to provide the highest standard of service, using only the best roofing materials that the industry has available.

Our commitment to quality is only surpassed by our commitment to workplace safety.  Roofing can be a dangerous business if proper precautions are not taken to not just mitigate risk but to make every effort to prevent it.

We devote a great deal of time and energy to education and training to keep all our employees up to date on any and all new procedures that will increase the level of safety on all our job sites. Many homes have roofs that are easily accessed and can be worked on relatively safely, however, some sloped roof designs can be challenging due to the significant nature of the pitch of the roof.

Employing the best practices in roof replacement combined with strict adherence to the regulations laid out by the Occupational Health and Safety Act and all applicable regulations that govern our industry, is a hallmark of our accident prevention policy.

Our supervisors ensure that our equipment is maintained in a state of good repair before we allow our employees to commence work.  All our employees are trained on the proper use of personal protective equipment, site inspection, site preparation and clean up.  Safe work environments are created and maintained by the people who work in them and our team is committed to taking every precaution to make sure everybody gets home after work each day.

As part of our safety team, we have an IHSA accredited instructor on staff to empower our employees to make safe choices when on the job, that not only protect themselves but the team they are working with.

All installers employed by AM Roofing Solutions are required by law according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) that all workers are trained and certified in many areas of safety such as:

  • Workers Health and Safety Awareness Training
  • Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness Training
  • Working at heights
  • Propane
  • Aerial lift
  • First Aid

The above list highlights some of the training regimen our installers participate in. Statistically, most accidents, whether they occur on construction sites, factories or offices usually happen in the first six months of employment due to the employee’s inexperience. Through education and certification, we believe in the old adage that ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ An educated employee can spot risk and hazard through the rigorous training we have provided them and prevent accidents before they happen.

As of January 1, 2013 all construction workers in Ontario must also have valid Workplace Safety & Insurance coverage.  Businesses and homeowners should have this information on hand during construction.  Clearance certificates can be obtained online or using a mobile device from the WSIB’s eClearance service 24/7 at

In the roofing business, there are many repetitive tasks, that over time can lead to injuries. Using hand tools incorrectly, or lifting bundles of shingles can cause physical injuries that can sideline employees for a long time or permanently if the damage is severe. As part of the training process, we dedicate time and effort to ensure all our employees are using the correct methods that provide for their physical wellbeing. Keeping our employees healthy and happy over the long term is paramount to our commitment to safety and it provides everyone on the job site with a sense of security. In our business, safety is everybody’s business and we strive to maintain an accident-free workplace.  

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